Different CPU value in Activity Monitor/Task Manager

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Live's CPU meter shows the audio processing load but not Live's overall CPU usage. This means you may see a different CPU value when checking Activity Monitor (Mac) or Task Manager (Windows).

To determine the CPU load, Live calculates the time it needs to process one audio buffer. This value is then compared to the time it takes to actually play one audio buffer.

For example, a value of 50% on the CPU meter means that Live is processing one audio buffer twice as fast as it takes to play the buffer.

Values over 100% are possible when the calculation takes more time than it does to play one audio buffer.

Live expects that the audio thread will have the highest priority, however the final prioritization of threads is done by the operating system, meaning Live's processing might get interrupted. This is why other applications may cause CPU spikes in Live's CPU meter.

Another reason for different values in Activity Monitor or Task Manager is the system CPU meters normally show 100% per core/CPU. For example 200% CPU load on the system meter of a quad-core machine means half of the computer's processing power is in use.

Note: You may find that the CPU load meter is more active in Live 11 when using the "Current" setting compared to Live 10. This is expected as the meter is now capable of measuring and displaying the total current CPU usage. The CPU meter in Live 10 is only capable of measuring the average CPU, which results in the meter fluctuating less frequently.


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