Audio signal plays out of the left or right speaker only

  • Live Versions: 1 - 9
  • Operating System: ALL


  • monitored/recorded audio signal of a mono source (guitar, mic, etc.) playing out of one speaker only
  • signal showing only on one side of the track meter


  • the default setting of the Input Channel chooser in the track´s In/Out section (“Audio From”) is “1/2”
  • if just a mono source is connected to one of the selected channels, Live will still monitor/record audio from both channels
  • the result is a monitored signal/stereo file with silence on one side (L or R)


  • make sure to select a suitable mono input channel in the Input Channel chooser (“1” or “2” in most cases)

Additional Information

  • if the In/Out section is not visible, make it visible using the I/O Mixer Section selector (“I-O” button)
  • if mono input channels are unavailable, enable these in the Channel Configuration section of the Audio Preferences (“Input Config”)
  • to fix already recorded files, please see this article: Converting hard-panned audio file to center-panned one