Push registration code and serial number

The registration code is a 24-digit number used to register Push to your Ableton account. 

Push 3

Push 3 is automatically registered to your account if you bought it directly from Ableton.com. If you weren't logged in during checkout, or if Push was purchased as a gift, you should receive an email with a 24-digit registration code that you can use to register the unit to your Ableton account.

If you bought Push from a local retailer, you can register it using the 24-digit registration code found on the bottom of your Push. 

Push 1 & 2

If you bought Push second-hand, please ask the seller to Transfer the Push license.

You can find the Push 1 serial number on the back of the unit or on the Quickstart guide. 

The Push 2 registration code is located on the Quickstart guide:


If you’ve already registered your Push, you can find the serial by clicking ‘View license details’ in Your Account

Note: If you have several licenses, you can toggle between them via the drop-down menu in your account. 

Serial number

When requesting support for Push, you may need to submit the serial number for your device. You can find the serial number on the bottom of your Push, starting with the number '87506' for Push 2 or '88734' for Push 3, followed by an eight-digit number.


Note: A Push device serial number is not the same as its registration code.


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