Buying Max for Live

What is Max for Live?

The Max for Live application uses Cycling '74's Max/MSP as an editor, giving access to new functionalities and programming possibilities within Live. 

What products do I need in order to use Max for Live?

Max for Live is included by default in Live Suite and can be purchased as an additional add-on for Live Standard.

Note: Max for Live is not supported within Live Lite or Intro.

Buying the add-on to Standard

To purchase Max for Live for Standard, visit the Shop page. You will see two options: a regular license and a crossgrade license. Crossgrades are for existing owners of standalone Max/MSP only. 

I own Max standalone, can I get a discount?

If you own Max and want to purchase the crossgrade, visit our Shop page and click the "Crossgrade" button under the Max for Live section. Depending on your version of Max, you'll then be asked to enter either your Cycling '74 account email address (Max 7 & 8) or your Max Order Number (Max 5 & 6). Once verified, the discounted crossgrade license will be added to a Cart for you.

Note: You need to have your Live Standard license selected in your user account before clicking on "Crossgrade".

Upgrading from Live 10 or 11 Standard to Live 12 Standard

If you have a Live Standard license combined with a standalone Max for Live license, and want to upgrade to a newer version of Live Standard, your Max for Live serial will still work with both versions.
You will need to re-authorize Live again to activate your Max for Live license.

Why does my Max for Live serial number not work when I enter it in Max?

Max for Live and the standalone version of Max are two different products and require their own separate licenses. Standalone licenses of Max can be purchased from Cycling '74.

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