Live Intro Features

Live Intro contains many of the same features as Live Standard and Suite, but with some limitations. This feature comparison chart outlines all the differences between versions.

Most of the key Live workflow features, such as Arrangement and Session View, non-destructive audio editing, Capture MIDI (new to Live 10), plus more are included in Intro.

Intro’s Core Library contains various audio effects, MIDI effects and sounds which can be stacked limitlessly on up to 16 audio or MIDI tracks.

Recently added features:

As of Live 10.0.3, Complex and Complex Pro warping modes have been added. Complex warp modes are ideal for polyphonic textures and whole songs.

Additional audio inputs and outputs were also added in the 10.0.3 update; Intro now supports a maximum of 8 audio ins and outs.

To access all of the latest features, make sure you have the current version of Intro installed and authorized.

If you have an older version of Intro, such as Live 9 Intro, you can find the pricing for version 10 in our webshop.