Live 12 doesn't open on Windows

If Ableton Live 12 doesn't launch on a Windows computer after installation, follow the steps in this guide to check the compatibility of your PC's processor. 

Live 12 on Windows requires, at minimum, a 5th generation Intel® Core™ i5 or AMD Ryzen processor. This ensures that the CPU supports the AVX2 instruction set extension, which is a requirement for Live 12 to run. Please confirm the compatibility of your computer's processor with Live 12 before purchasing or upgrading.

How can I check whether my CPU is compatible with Live 12?

On your PC, open System Information. Under Device Specifications > Processor, note the exact name of your computer’s CPU.

Win System CPU.jpg

Using this information, you can next:

  • Use a search engine to look up the specifications of your CPU, specifically its age/generation and whether it supports the AVX2 instruction set extension.
  • Contact the manufacturer of your PC to request information regarding AVX2 support.
  • Check the website of your CPU manufacturer. Intel offers a resource on How to Find the Generation of Intel® Core™ Processors.
  • Use a third-party tool to check the specifications on your computer, such as CPU-Z.
    1. Download and install CPU-Z on your computer.
    2. Once installed, open the program and select the CPU tab at the top.
    3. In the 'Instructions' field, you can see whether AVX2 is supported.

Why is AVX2 support required for Live 12?

AVX2 improves general performance in Live 12 and incorporates currently available CPU capabilities and features.

Live 11 required CPUs to support SSE2, introduced in 2000, which is no longer state-of-the-art. Live 12’s development aims to bring features and performance up to current standards.

Requiring the AVX2 instruction set, which was introduced in 2013, offers a balance between enabling the best possible performance and continuing to support legacy CPU types. 5th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors or AMD Ryzen processors were selected as the minimum requirement, since these types inherently support AVX2.

What if my CPU doesn’t meet the requirements?

In some cases, you may be able to upgrade your PC with a processor that meets the minimum requirements to run Live 12. Without an upgrade to a compatible CPU, Live 12 will not run.

My computer has a more powerful processor than Intel® Core™ i5, e.g an Intel® Core™ i7 or an Intel® Xeon. Can it run Live 12?

Live 12 requires the minimum stated generation of processors. Only 5th generation Intel® Core™ or later models support AVX2. Older generations of processors, regardless of processing capacity, do not support the AVX2 instruction set extensions, and therefore cannot run Live 12.

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