Updated Packs in Live 12

Factory content in Ableton Live 12, including Clips, Sounds, Devices and samples contained in Packs, has been updated to add support for:

For the list of Factory Packs updated in Live 12, see below. 

Updating Packs
Error Messages in Live 11 or earlier
How to set unique Factory Packs folders for different Live versions
Updated Factory Packs in Live 12

Updating Packs

If you installed Packs in previous versions of Live, when you navigate in Live 12's Browser to PacksUpdates, you’ll see the option to update existing Packs. To use these Packs in Live 12, click the download icon next to each Pack, then click Install after the download is complete. 

You’ll also find several new Packs available under PacksAvailable Packs

Error Messages in Live 11 or earlier

Updating a Pack in Live 12 overwrites the existing version of the Pack saved on your computer.

This means if you try to open content from those Packs in Live 11 or earlier, you'll either see the error message “The preset cannot be loaded. It is probably broken” in Live’s notification bar, or a dialog with the error “[Filepath] was made with a newer version of Live. You need version Ableton Live XX.X to open it.”


How to set unique Factory Packs folders for different Live versions

To continue using Packs content in earlier versions of Live and avoid these errors, you can change the Packs installation path for each version to a separate location, following these steps:

  1. Create a unique folder on your computer to store Factory Packs for, e.g., Live 11
  2. In Live 11, go to Live’s Preferences → Library 
  3. In Content Locations, set Installation Folder for Packs to the path created in Step 1. 

If you’ve already updated any Factory Packs in Live 12 and/or experienced the error messages above in an earlier version, you can download the relevant Pack versions directly from the Packs section of ableton.com. The main Download button on the Packs page delivers the Live 12 version. For the Live 11 version, click on the specific Pack to show its details, then click on “Download for Live 11.”


If you have a Live 10 license in your account and the relevant pack was released for Live 10, you may also see the option to download the Live 10 version

Note: Opening more than one version of Live at the same time is not recommended. 

Updated Factory Packs in Live 12

  • Inspired by Nature by Dillon Bastan
  • Surround Panner
  • Creative Extensions
  • Pitchloop89
  • Microtuner
  • CV Tools
  • Convolution Reverb
  • Grand Piano
  • Guitar and Bass
  • Latin Percussion
  • Drum Essentials
  • Synth Essentials
  • Session Drums Club
  • Session Drums Studio
  • Drum Booth
  • Electric Keyboards
  • Brass Quartet by Spitfire Audio
  • String Quartet by Spitfire Audio
  • Upright Piano by Spitfire Audio
  • Expressive Choir by Spitfire Audio
  • Beat Tools
  • Build and Drop
  • Chop and Swing
  • Drive and Glow
  • Glitch and Wash
  • Punch and Tilt
  • Skitter and Step
  • Drone Lab
  • Mood Reel
  • Voice Box
  • Orchestral Strings
  • Orchestral Brass
  • Orchestral Mallets
  • Orchestral Woodwinds

Learn more about Managing Packs.

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