Installation FAQ

How can I install the latest version of Live?

If you have automatic updates selected, your Live installation will always be the latest version. You can also download the latest installer from your account for a manual installation

Note: Live 11.1 must be updated manually via our website and will not be available via auto-update. Login to your Ableton account for the link to download and install Live 11.1.  For information on using plugins on Mac in Live 11.1, please see this article.

How do I uninstall the program?

To completely remove the software, follow our recommended uninstallation steps for Windows or Mac.  

Can I uninstall previous versions of Live?

Each version of Live is independent from another. You can therefore uninstall old versions of Live in case you don't use them anymore. On Windows, make sure to never save or copy any content into Live's installation folder in order to avoid losing these files in case you uninstall or (auto-)update Live.

If I upgrade from Lite/Intro to Standard/Suite do I need to install again?

Yes, all Live editions have separate installers. If you have upgraded from Lite/Intro you can download the Standard/Suite installer from your account. Once installed, you can then remove the Lite/Intro program. 

How many times can I install Live?

Your Live license comes with two authorizations for two computers. If you get a new computer, or run out of unlocks, you can request more

If I use the free trial, should I uninstall it once expires?

Yes, we would suggest uninstalling the trial after it expires. If you have purchased Live after using the trial, check out our recommendations for installation.  

How can I find and install Live Packs?

You will see available Live Packs to download in your account and on the Packs page. Check out our guidelines for Pack installation.  

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