Désinstaller Live (Windows)

  • Versions de Live: Toutes
  • Système d'exploitation : Windows

Here's how you can uninstall the Live application and all associated hidden files from your computer, including Library and Pack content.

Première étape

Ouvrez les Préférences de Live sur l'onglet Library.

Check the paths to Installation Folder for Packs and Location of User Library:


Note: While Live's Core Library content and Packs can be downloaded and reinstalled at any time, your User Library - which contains your own personal presets and files - cannot be restored once deleted, unless you have backed it up to another location. If you still want to use files from the User Library do not delete it without backing up first.

Deuxième étape

Uninstall Live from the Windows Control Panel. You can access this via
Start→ Settings→ System→Apps and Features
Search for the relevant Live application and click the Uninstall button:


Troisième étape

Locate these hidden folders and delete them entirely:



Here's how to access hidden folders on Windows.

Quatrième étape

Now, open Explorer and browse to the Packs and User Library locations you wrote down previously and delete them.

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