Push (standalone) logs

Logs from Push (standalone) provide information to help troubleshoot various issues. A .zip package containing recent Push logs can be downloaded following the steps below.

Note: To confirm the ID of your Push (standalone) device, go to Setup > Software > Authorize. The ID can be found at the beginning of the url string starting with ‘Push’ and ending with .local: http://push.local/authorize

Before moving to the next step, select “Done.”

Connect your computer and Push to the same network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. To extract logs, go to Setup > Status and set Push to Standalone Mode. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the following link in your web browser, replacing “push” with the ID of your device (e.g. “push-1”, “push-2”, etc.): http://push.local/logs
    For example: http://push-1.local/logs
  2. Push will display a 6-digit code. Enter the code in your web browser, then select “Collect Logs.”
    Note: Once you enter the 6-digit code on a web browser, you will not be prompted again for the code, and downloading should begin automatically. If you use a different web browser, revisit the URL (http://push.local/logs) and re-enter the code.
  3. A .zip file named “Push Logs YYYY-MM-DD” will begin downloading, containing recent Push Logs. 
  4. Submit the Push log along with a support request using our contact form.


Note: If you already have an open support request for the same issue, attach the latest Push log with your next reply, or use a file transfer service to provide a link to the Push log in the body of your email.

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