Creating and Saving Sets on Push (standalone)

Push opens a blank default Set when switched on. To create a new Set at any time, press the Sets button, then press the New Set button above the display. Or, you can hold the New button and then press the Session button.


Press the Save button to save the current Set. Saving auto-generates a name and collects any user-generated samples into the Set’s project folder on Push. 

To rename a Set on Push:

  1. Press the Sets button.
  2. Scroll with the jog wheel to highlight the desired Set, then nudge the jog wheel to the right.
  3. Turn the jog wheel to select Rename and press to open the text editor.
  4. Use the Session D-Pad (arrows below the jog wheel) to enter a new name, then press “Done” using the button above the display.


To save and open a Set on Push:

• To save a new version of the current Set inside the same Project folder, hold Shift and press Save.
• To save a copy of the current Set in a new Project folder, hold Duplicate and press Save. All referenced samples and recordings will be copied into the new Project folder.

• To open a Set, press the Sets button to view your Sets, scroll using the jog wheel to highlight a Set, and press the jog wheel to load it.

Learn more about Push features in the Push Manual

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