Getting Started with MPE on Push 3

Push 3’s responsive pads offer the ability to interact dynamically with Live’s instruments and devices using MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), whether you’re using Push in Standalone Mode or with Live on your computer in Control Mode. Learn more about MPE in Live 11 and later.

Live’s Core Library, Packs included with Push, and installable Packs include a wide range of MPE-enabled sound content. You can also select instruments in Live or on Push based on this list of MPE-enabled presets

To get started with MPE on Push, navigate to Sounds > MPE Sounds for a selection of content that uses MPE.


MPE-enabled devices in Live's Core Library 

  • Drift is a synthesizer instrument that includes many built-in presets designed for use with MPE. You can explore presets under Instruments > Drift.
  • Many Instrument Racks in the Core Library are also MPE enabled. You can find these by navigating to Packs > Core Library > Racks > Instrument Racks. The categories Bass, Pad, and Synth Keys contain the highest proportion of MPE-enabled sounds.
  • MPE Analog Kit and MPE Synth Lab Kit are MPE-enabled Drum Racks, found in Packs > Core Library > Racks > Drum Racks.


MPE-enabled presets bundled with Push

  • Brass Quartet and String Quartet contain dedicated MPE presets.
  • Session Drums Club contains MPE-enabled versions of each kit.

Additional MPE-enabled devices

  • Expressive Choir is designed specifically to be used with Push’s expressive pads. To install on Push (standalone), first authorize Push, then install Expressive Choir via Packs > Available Packs. Learn more about Packs on Push (standalone).

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