Authorizing Live on Push (standalone)

Push 3 comes pre-loaded with Live Intro, and you can make music with Push out of the box without the need to authorize. Live 12 for Push (standalone) is available as of March 19, 2024. 

  • If you own a license for Live 11 or above Intro, Standard, or Suite, authorize your Live license on Push to unlock additional features and content, and get access to your licensed Packs.
  • A wide range of Packs, including many MPE-enabled instruments, is bundled with each Push (standalone) and Push 3 license, ready to install after authorization. See the list of bundled packs and learn more in our guide to Packs on Push.

Learn Push 3: Authorizing and Updating tutorial video

Here are the steps to authorize:

  1. Press Setup, Software, then Authorize. Push will display the URL http://push.local/authorize. The URL will contain an additional number if more than one Push is connected to the same network.AuthorizePush3.png
  2. Enter the entire URL (including http://) into a browser on a computer or phone connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Push.
  3. When prompted in the browser, enter the six-digit code displayed on Push.
  4. When authorizing Live, Push may need to be restarted to complete the authorization. To power off Push, hold the yellow power button for several seconds.
  5. Once authorized, the updated Live license and associated User Account will be shown in Setup > Software tab. You can then access all included Live features and Packs. Learn more about Packs on Push (standalone).

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