Getting Started with Push 3 FAQ

What are the new features of Push?
To see what’s new in Push, visit

Can Push 3 (standalone) be used to control Live on my computer?
Any configuration of Push 3 can be connected to a computer and used in Control Mode to control Live. For more information on Control Mode, see the Push user manual. 

Does Push 3 have MPE?
Push uses MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) and expressive pads for a deep level of control over software instruments. Each pad has 3 dimensions of expression: Note Pitch Bend, Slide, and Pressure. Learn more about MPE on Push.

What version of Live is needed to use Push?
Push 3 is compatible with Live 11.3 and later. Older versions of Live, including Live 10, will not work with Push 3.

Do I need to buy Ableton Live to use Push?
Push comes pre-loaded with Live 11 Intro, and you can make music with Push out of the box without the need to authorize. If you own a license for Live 11 Intro, Standard or Suite, or if you own additional Packs, you can authorize your Live license on Push to unlock additional features and content, following the steps listed in this guide to Authorizing Live on Push (standalone).

Can I use Ableton Cloud with Push?
Push does not currently support Ableton Cloud.

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