Push 3 Crash Reports

Crash Reports from Push 3 (standalone) provide information to help troubleshoot crashes and other issues. A .zip package containing recent Push Crash Reports can be downloaded following the steps below.

Note: To confirm your Push 3 name, go to Setup > Software > Authorize. The name of your device can be found at the beginning of the url string starting with ‘Push’ and ending with .local: http://push.local/authorize

Connect your computer and Push 3 to the same network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. To extract Crash Reports, set Push to Standalone Mode. Then, follow these steps:

  1. On Push 3, go to Setup > Software.
  2. Click and hold the Shift button, then select "Crash Info."
  3. Push will display the message: “To download all Crash Reports, connect to the same Wi-Fi as Push and visit  http://push.local/crash”.
  4. Go to http://push.local/crash.
  5. Push will display a 6-digit code. Enter the code in your web browser, then select "Collect Crashes."
    Note: Once you enter the 6-digit code on a web browser, you will not be prompted again for the code, and downloading should begin automatically. If you use a different web browser, you must re-enter the URL (http://push.local/crash) and re-enter the code.
  6. A .zip file named “Push Crash Reports YYYY-MM-DD” will begin downloading, containing recent Crash Reports.
  7. Once downloaded, open this .zip file and select only the single most recent Crash Report, or the one most relevant by date. See the file paths on macOS and Windows in the images below:

  8. Submit only the relevant Crash Report along with a support request via our support contact form.

Note: If you already have an open support request for the same issue, attach the selected Crash Report with your next reply, or use a file transfer service to provide a link to the Crash Report in the body of your email. 


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