Setting Up Push 3

Push 3 can be used to control Ableton Live on a computer.

To set up Push 3:

  • Check that your computer meets the minimum hardware and software requirements for Push and Live.
  • Install the latest version of Live from your Ableton User Account.
    Note for Windows users:
    To install Push 3 drivers, install the current version of Live manually from your Ableton account. If Live 11.3.x is installed via auto-update, the Push 3 drivers may not be installed. 

Note: For how to set up Push 3 (standalone) visit this guide: Setting Up Push 3 (standalone).

Connect Push to your Computer

Connect Push to your computer with the USB-C cable that came with Push. You can optionally connect the power supply to charge Push while connected to your computer.

USB Ports and MIDI Preferences

To connect Push 3 to your computer to control Live, and/or to use Push as an audio interface with Live, connect to your computer using Push’s USB-C port. 

To connect class-compliant MIDI controllers and synthesizers via Push, use the USB-A Port. Any MIDI devices connected to Push 3’s USB-A port will be available for MIDI input and remote control of Live on your computer.

Note: Unlike Push 2, Push 3 does not appear in Live's MIDI Preferences as a Control Surface. The MIDI Ports are automatically configured and do not need to be manually adjusted. 


Controlling Live

When Live is running, it will automatically detect Push connected to a USB port on your computer. Once connected, Push can be used immediately. The firmware of Push 3 will be automatically updated when connected to Live.

Note: Using Push 2 or Push 3 simultaneously with another Push (of any generation) to control the same instance of Live is not supported.

Use Push as Your Audio Interface in Live

Once Push is connected with the USB-C cable and Live is running, follow these steps to use Push as your audio interface in Live:

  1. Open Live’s preferences by pressing [CMD/CTRL + , ] or use the dropdown menu in Live’s CPU meter to select “Configure Audio.”
  2. Navigate to the Audio Preferences tab.
  3. Using the Audio Input and Audio Output dropdowns, select “Ableton Push 3 Audio.”

Learn more about setting up an audio interface.


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