Setting Up Push 3 (standalone)

Here are the steps to get started with Push 3 (standalone) on macOS and Windows. For how to set up Push 3 without a processor, follow this guide: Setting Up Push 3. Learn more about Push 3’s features and functions.

Turn On Push 
Complete Onboarding Steps
Update Software
Authorize Live

Standalone and Control Modes
Set Up Push as an Audio Interface
Resetting Push

Turn On Push

Assemble the included power supply and connect it to Push before plugging it into power. Turn Push on using the yellow button on the back. 

  • Before using Push without the power supply, allow the battery to charge.
  • While running on battery power, monitor the battery charge level in Setup > Status.
  • To initialize the battery level meter, fully charge the battery, then discharge to 0%. Learn more about the Push 3 Battery.

Note: Hold the yellow button on the back of the unit for several seconds to turn off Push. 

Complete Onboarding Steps

After Push starts up, the screen will display "Welcome to Push." Press "Next" to continue. The following screens will lead you through these features to get started:

  • Connecting headphones or speakers and adjusting volume. To connect monitors, connect your left speaker to Output 1, and your right speaker to Output 2.
  • Pad expression
  • Jog wheel functions
  • Demo Set and QR code with link to more info at

Update Software

Before using Push for the first time, update the device’s software to the latest version, following these steps:

  1. Press the Setup button, located near the top left corner of Push.

  2. From the Setup screen, using the buttons below the display, select the Wi-Fi tab.
  3. Using the buttons above the display, press the left-most button to turn Wi-Fi on.
  4. Scroll using the left-most encoder knob to find the correct Wi-Fi network, then use the second button above the display to select “Connect.”Wi-FiPush3.png
  5. Use the jog wheel and Session D-Pad (arrows below the jog wheel) to enter the password, then press “Done.” Nudging the jog wheel to the left moves the cursor to the previous digit of your password.
  6. Once connected to Wi-Fi, press the “Software” tab, using the right-most button below the display.UpdatePush3.png
  7. Follow the display prompts to install the latest software.PromptUpdatePush3.png

Note: If you experience issues, please check your Wi-Fi and internet connections. To connect to the internet without Wi-Fi, see Push 3 Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connections.

Authorize Live

Push comes pre-loaded with Live 12 Intro, and you can make music with Push out of the box without the need to authorize. If you own a license for Live 11 or above Intro, Standard, or Suite, you can authorize your Live license on Push to unlock additional features and content, and get access to all the Packs included in your license. Here are the steps to authorize:

  1. Press Setup, Software, then Authorize. Push will display the URL http://push.local/authorize. The URL will contain an additional number if more than one Push is connected to the same network.AuthorizePush3.png
  2. Enter the entire URL (including http://) into a browser on a computer or phone connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Push.
  3. When prompted in the browser, enter the six-digit code displayed on Push.
  4. After entering the code, you’ll be redirected to to sign into your User Account. If you own more than one Live license, select the one you want to authorize on Push.
  5. When authorizing Live Standard or Suite, Push may need to be restarted to complete the authorization. To power off Push, hold the yellow power button for several seconds.
  6. Once authorized, the updated Live license and associated User Account will be shown in Setup > Software tab. You can then access all included Live features and Packs. Learn more about Packs on Push (standalone).

Note: To authorize a different Live license at any time, once again follow the steps above.

Standalone Mode and Control Mode

When Push 3 is turned on for the first time, it will start in Standalone Mode, and you can get started making music right away. You can then transfer your Set to your computer and use Push in Control Mode while refining your work in Live. Learn more about transferring Sets and continuity between Push and your computer in the Push manual. 

To use Control Mode:

  1. Install or update to the latest version of Ableton Live on your computer.
  2. Connect Push to your computer with the included USB-C cable. You can optionally connect the power supply to charge Push while connected to your computer.
  3. Power Push on using the yellow button on the back.
  4. With Live open, Push will be automatically detected as soon as it is connected to a USB port on your computer. Manually configuring MIDI Preferences is not required.

Switching Between Standalone Mode & Control Mode

There are two ways to switch modes:

  1. From the Setup menu, select the Status tab to view the current mode. Then use the upper display buttons to switch modes.ControlLivePush3.png
  2. Hold the Shift button and press the User button to quickly switch modes at any time.

How to Set Up Push as an Audio Interface

  1. Make sure Ableton Live on your computer is up to date. Learn more about updating Live. Note for Windows users: To install Push 3 drivers, install the current version of Live manually from your Ableton account. If Live 11.3.x is installed via auto-update, the Push 3 drivers may not be installed. 
  2. With Push connected and Live open, open Live’s Preferences > Audio.
  3. For Audio Input and Audio Output, select “Ableton Push 3 Audio.”
  4. For more information and troubleshooting, see our guide to Setting up an Audio Interface.

Resetting Push

For instructions on how to reset Push, see How to Reset Push 3.

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