Bluetooth Headphones and Latency in Note

  • Live Version: 11.2.5 and later

  • Operating System: All

Using wireless Bluetooth headphones with Note may result in a delay when playing instruments or during song playback. 

This delay is due to the time it takes for the audio to travel to and be decoded by your headphones, known as audio latency. Bluetooth codecs have higher latency than wired headphones, ranging from 34-200 milliseconds, which may be experienced as a noticeable lag between the action occurring and the corresponding audio. In contrast, wired headphones experience an average latency between 5-10 milliseconds.


To avoid latency related to Bluetooth, use an adapter to connect wired headphones to your device. 

Bluetooth latency may be improved with newer Bluetooth standards, although this will be constrained by the Bluetooth adapter physically present in the hardware. 

If you suspect you are experiencing an abnormal amount of latency and would like to ensure that your Bluetooth headphones are working normally, you can unpair your device by going into Settings > Bluetooth in your mobile device, deleting the headphones, and pairing them again. 


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