Sharing Note Sets

  • Live Version: 11.2.5 and later
  • Operating System: All

There are several ways to share, transfer, and sync Note Sets. To synchronize Note Sets with your other devices, or to transfer your Note Sets into Ableton Live on your computer, see Setting Up Ableton Cloud. 

To share with a collaborator, or to back up your files, use the "Share to" feature. 

  1. From Note’s home screen, tap Set Options, to the right of the Set's name.
  2. Tap “Share To…”
  3. Choose a sharing app (AirDrop, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.)
  4. Your Set will be sent as a .ablbundle file, which can be opened in Note or Live. 

To open shared Note Sets in Note:

  1. Select the .ablbundle file.
  2. Click on the “open with” icon in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select Ableton Note. The Set will open in Note.

Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: