Troubleshooting Problems with Note Files

  • Live Version: 11.2.5 and later

  • Operating System: All

In some cases, you may encounter the following issues with Note Sets. Check the guidelines below for how to resolve the following issues:

Missing Files in Cloud-Synced Sets

Transferred Note Sets can't be opened

Cloud Folder contents in Live don't match Note Cloud Sets on iOS Device

Missing Files in Cloud-Synced Sets

The original Note Set was removed from Cloud

When working in Live on a Set that was created in Note, if the original Note Set is removed from the Cloud, you may encounter the following error message:

If you encounter this error message in Live after removing a Note Set from Cloud, follow these steps:

  1. Quit Live.
  2. On the iOS device where the Note Set is stored locally, re-add the Set to the Cloud.
  3. Open Live and wait until the Note set re-appears in the Cloud section of Live’s Browser.
  4. Open the locally stored Live Set; the sample will no longer be missing.
  5. Use Collect All and Save to ensure that all samples for the Live Set are gathered into the Set's project folder.

User Library location Was Moved or Removed

Once synced to your computer using Cloud, audio samples for Note sets are stored in the Live User Library. However, if your User Library is located on an external drive, opening a Note Set from Cloud may result in missing media files if the drive is disconnected. To resolve this, quit Live, re-connect the drive where the User Library is located, and re-launch Live.

To avoid missing files created in Note, follow these guides on how to save, sync, and transfer Note Sets:

You can also find more information in our Missing Media Files in Live article.

Transferred Note Sets Can't Be Opened

Due to a macOS issue, when transferring a Note Set multiple times to the same folder via the "Share To..." menu (via AirDrop, Messenger, and so on), the most-recently transferred Sets can't be opened in Live. This may manifest in two different ways.

  1. The number representing the copy is appended after the file extension:

    To resolve this, either rename the problematic file, being sure to delete the appended number; or transfer the file to a different location on your computer.

  2. If the Set name already has a number at the end, the number is increased by one and the file extension disappears:
    To resolve this, either rename the problematic file, being sure to add the extension .ablbundle to the end of the file name; or transfer the file to a different location on your computer.

Cloud Folder Contents in Live Doesn't Match Your iOS Device

File size and internet speeds affect the time it takes to sync Note Sets using Cloud. Syncing may appear complete in Note once files have been uploaded to Cloud, even though downloading to Synced devices has not yet finished. For more on this topic, see Ableton Cloud Upload Times.

After removing a set from Cloud in Note while Live is closed, upon re-opening Live, the Cloud label may still temporarily show the Set that has been removed in Note. 

Note: Disabling Cloud on all iOS devices does not remove already-synced Sets from Live’s browser. Only by opting out completely via your Ableton Account will data be removed from the Cloud. For more information, see How to Disable Ableton Cloud.

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