Ableton Cloud Upload Times

  • Live Version: 11.2.5 and later

  • Operating System: All

The average time for Note Sets to upload to Ableton Live from Cloud depends on the size of the .abl file and your internet speed and may take from a few seconds to several minutes. 

If you have a stable internet connection and Cloud sync times are longer than expected, follow this guide: Note Sets in Ableton Cloud not Appearing in Live.

Note: Ensure that the Note Set is fully uploaded before opening. Otherwise, the following error message will appear: 


Note Set File Size

The file size of an Ableton Note Set displayed via iOS within Files > Ableton Note > Projects is not the total file size, because the value shown doesn't include the Core Library files.

To determine the complete size of your Note set, follow these steps: 

  1. Load the Note Set from Ableton Note App to Live
  2. Open the Project from Live’s browser in Cloud 
  3. Collect All and Save the Project
  4. Right Click on the Project folder
  5. Select: "Get Info"
  6. The following pop-up window will show the correct Project size:NoteFileSize.png

Note: Remember to Collect All and Save after opening a Note Set in Live to ensure that a copy of all samples is stored in the current Live Project. Otherwise, you may experience missing media files after unsyncronizing the Note Set. 

Ableton offers these in-depth help and learning resources: