Controlling Live using Max for Live

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How can I access Live's API in Max for Live?

Everything in Live's API that is accessible to Max for Live is illustrated in the Live Object Model(LOM).

The Live Object Model lists a number of Live object classes with their properties and functions, as well as their parent-child relations through which a hierarchy is formed. Please refer to the Live API overview chapter for definitions of the basic Live API terms and a list of the Max objects used to access it.

The Live Object Model

The Live Object Model divides the Live application into several basic functional units (properties) associated with aspects of the Live application - the application itself, Songs, Tracks, Clip slots, Clips, Devices, Device Parameters, the Mixer Device, Scenes, Cue Points, And Control Surfaces. The Live API provides ways to access some properties of the application to control how the Live application displays them to you (Application.View, Song.View, and Track.View).

Your use of the Live API involves one of five kinds of different operations:

How can I control and create devices using Live's API in Max for Live?

Max for Live provides two different ways to access the Live application directly through the Live API:

Additional Reading

Further details are linked from Cycling 74 documentation that will help you start building Max for Live devices to control elements in Live.

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