How to open Live using Rosetta

  • Live Versions: 11.1 and above
  • Operating System: Mac

To use VST2/VST3 plug-ins not yet updated/compiled for Silicon on an Apple Silicon Mac, you can force Live 11.1 and above versions to run as an Intel application via Rosetta 2, as explained below.

Important: These directions are not needed if all plug-ins are already updated for Apple Silicon.  When in doubt, check the latest Apple Silicon and macOS compatibility information provided by each plug-in's developer.

  1. Find and select Live 11 in your Applications folder.
  2. Press Command-I, or right-click / access the File menu, and select "Get Info." 
  3. In the Info window that opens, check the box for “Open using Rosetta."
  4. Close the Info window and re-launch Live.


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