AMXD changes to the Core Library in Live 11

  • Live Versions: 10, 11

  • Operating System: All

With the Release of Live 11, the following Devices can be accessed via the Categories Instruments, Audio Effects or MIDI Effects.

Envelope Follower.amxd /Devices/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect
LFO.amxd /Devices/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect
Shaper.amxd /Devices/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect
DS *.amxd /Devices/Instruments/Max Instrument
Envelope.amxd /Devices/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect
Expression Control.amxd /Devices/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect
MIDI Monitor.amxd /Devices/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect
Note Echo.amxd /Devices/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect

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