Preset changes to the Core Library in Live 11

  • Live Versions: 10, 11
  • Operating System: All

The following list contains all Live 10 Core Library presets that got either deleted, moved or renamed in Live 11.

An empty field in the columns "Live 11 file name" and "Live 11 file location" indicates no change was made. Live 10 presets that have been noted as "deleted" can be saved in the User Library for use in Live 11.

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Table of contents:

  1. Audio Effect Racks
  2. Devices
  3. Drums
  4. Sounds


Live 10 file name

Live 10 file location

Live 11 file name

Live 11 file location 



Audio Effect Racks

  /Racks/Audio Effect Racks Folder moved
Heavy Guitar Tube Audio Effect Racks/Amp Simulation Heavy Tube /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Distortion  
Plug In & Wail Audio Effect Racks/Amp Simulation   /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Distortion  
Smokey Water Audio Effect Racks/Amp Simulation   /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Distortion  
Power Chord Nation Audio Effect Racks/Amp Simulation   /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Distortion  
Jimi's Amp Guitar Audio Effect Racks/Amp Simulation Jimi's Feedback Guitar /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Distortion  
Filter Tilter Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
/Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Modulation & Rhythmic
Aggressive Dance Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Dance Aggressive /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Analog Tape Channel Strip Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Channel Strip Analog Tape /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Basic Percussion Effects Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Percussion Effects Basic /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Big Boom Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Big Boom /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Boombox Drums Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drums Boombox /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Bright & Edgy Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Bright & Edgy /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Core Drum Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drums Core Effects /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Crisp Saturate Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Crisp Saturation /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Crushed Drums Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drums Crushed /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
EQ & Cabinet Channel Strip Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Channel Strip EQ & Cabinet /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
EQ & Compressor Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master EQ & Compressor /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
EQ & Glue Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master EQ & Glue /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Full Chain Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Full Chain /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Grand Drum Buss Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drum Buss Grand /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Gritty Drum Buss Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drum Buss Gritty /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Meaty Analogue Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Meaty Analogue /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Minus Bar Maximizer Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Maximizer Minus Bar /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
More Drums Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drums Extra /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Overdriven Drums Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drums Overdriven /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Overdriven Tape Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Overdriven Tape /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Parallel Punch Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Parallel Punch /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Punchy Dance Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Punchy Dance /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Punchy Drums Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drums Punchy /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Small Speaker Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Small Speaker /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Softknee Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Softknee /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Stereo Enhanced Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Stereo Enhanced /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Studio Drum Rack Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drums Studio /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Warm & Wide Drums Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Drums Warm & Wide /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Wide & Warm Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Wide & Warm /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Worn Out Vinyl Master Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering Master Worn Out Vinyl /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Mixing & Mastering  
Knob 1 Washed Out Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ Washed Out /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ  
Knob 1 RePulsor Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ Re-Pulsor /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ  
Knob 1 Module Later Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ Module Later /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ  
Knob 1 InstaMix Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ Instant Repeat /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ  
Knob 1 Frozen Smear Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ Frozen Smear /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Performance & DJ  
Mid_Side Echo Distort Audio Effect Racks/Space Mid-Side Echo Distort /Racks/Audio Effect Racks/Space  
Audio Effect Rack

Devices/Audio Effects

  /Racks/Audio Effect Racks default
Compressor (default preset) Devices/Audio Effects Basic Peak Compressor /Devices/Audio Effects  
* Devices/Audio Effects/Chorus   /Devices/Audio Effects/Legacy/Chorus Folder moved
* Devices/Audio Effects/Flanger   /Devices/Audio Effects/Legacy/Flanger Folder moved
Flanger (default preset) Devices/Audio Effects/Flanger Freq Shift Flanger /Devices/Audio Effects/Legacy/Flanger  
* Devices/Audio Effects/Phaser   /Devices/Audio Effects/Legacy/Phaser Folder moved
Drum Rack Devices/Instruments   /Racks/Drum Racks default
Instrument Rack Devices/Instruments   /Racks/Instrument Racks default
Saw6 Release Filter Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Saw Filter Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Saw7 Sub Complex Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Saw Sub Complex Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Saw9 Buzz Complex Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Saw Complex Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Saw3 Pure Muted Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Saw Pure Muted Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Percussive SQU Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Square Percussive Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Dual Osc7 Sample & Hold Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Dual OSC Sample & Hold Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Dual Osc4 Plastic Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Dual OSC Plastic Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Dual Osc2 Rubber Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Dual OSC Rubber Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Dual Osc3 Buzz Octaves Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Dual OSC Buzz Octaves Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Dual Osc5 Reso Noise Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Dual OSC Reso Noise Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Dual Osc6 Vibrato Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Dual OSC Vibrato Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Muted Bass1 Dark Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Muted Dark Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Muted Bass2 Wow Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Muted Wow Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Square1 Dual Muted Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Square Dual Muted Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Square3 Pure Bass Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass Square Pure Bass /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Bass  
Games3 S&H Devices/Instruments/Analog/Effects S&H Games /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Effects  
Games5 Shutter Devices/Instruments/Analog/Effects Shutter Games /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Effects  
Floot Aboot Chord Devices/Instruments/Analog/Pad Chord Floot Aboot Pad .../Instruments/Analog/Pad  
Fifths Sweep Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys     removed
Muted1 Pure Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys E-Piano Muted Pure /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys  
Organ2 Church Slow Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys Organ Church Slow /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys  
Organ3 Octaves Slow Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys Organ Octaves Slow /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys  
Organ4 Percussive Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys Organ Percussive /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys  
Organ5 Vibrato Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys Organ Vibrato /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Piano & Keys  
Muted2 S&H Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Keys S&H Muted Keys /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Keys  
Saw3 Elegant Thick Lead Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Keys Saw Elegant Thick Keys /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Keys  
Soft Morning Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Keys Soft Morning Keys /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Keys  
Dual Osc3 Buzz Lead Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead Dual OSC Buzz Lead /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead  
Dual Osc4 Muted Sweep Lead Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead Dual OSC Muted Sweep Lead /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead  
Dual Osc5 Sync Bright Lead Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead Dual OSC Sync Bright Lead /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead  
Pluck Slow S&H Lead Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead S&H Pluck Slow Lead /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead  
Saw1 Detune Sync Lead Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead Saw Detune Sync Lead /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead  
Square3 Sync Lead Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead Square Sync Lead /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead  
Bright4 Thin Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad Bright Thin Sweep Pad /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad  
Fifthpad Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad Fifth Pad /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad  
Glass1 Low Strings Pad Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad Glass Low Strings Pad /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad  
Glass4 High Strings Pad Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad Glass High Strings Pad /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad  
Organ6 Long Release Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad Synth Organ Long Release /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Keys  
Square2 Sync Tremolo Pad Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad Square Sync Tremolo Pad /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad  
Sweep Lead Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Pad Sweep Keys /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Keys  
Kick1 Complex Perc Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Percussion Kick Complex Perc /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Percussion  
Nasal Mod Devices/Instruments/Analog/Voices Nasal Mod Lead /Devices/Instruments/Analog/Synth Lead  
Pad3 Noisy Devices/Instruments/Collision/Ambient & Evolving Noisy Pad .../Instruments/Collision/Ambient & Evolving  
Harp2 Tube Devices/Instruments/Collision/Guitar & Plucked Tube Harp .../Instruments/Collision/Guitar & Plucked  
Airy Bell Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Bell Airy    
Balafon2 Bright Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Balafon Bright    
Bells1 Attack Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Bells Attack    
Bells2 Random Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Bells Random    
Bells4 Glass Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Bells Glass    
Bells6 Deep Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Bells Deep    
Electric Piano3 Mellow Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Bells Mellow    
Glockenspiel1 Basic Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Glockenspiel Basic    
Glockenspiel3 Detuned Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Glockenspiel Detuned    
Long Plate Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Bell Plate Long    
Marimba1 Classic Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Marimba Classic    
Marimba2 Bright Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets     deleted
Marimba3 Glassy Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Marimba Glassy    
Marimba7 Sustain Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Marimba Sustain    
Vibes1 Basic Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Vibes Basic    
Vibes2 Modulated Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Vibes Modulated    
Vibes3 Mellow Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Vibes Mellow    
Vibes5 Bright Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Vibes Bright    
Xylophone1 Basic Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Xylophone Basic    
Xylophone2 Dark Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Xylophone Dark    
Music Box Devices/Instruments/Collision/Mallets Music Box Basic .../Instruments/Collision/Mallets  
Electric Piano4 Pad Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano Dreamy    
Toy Piano1 Bells Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys Toy Piano Bells    
MkI1 Dirty Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano MKI Dirty    
MkI3 Mellow Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano MKI Mellow    
MkI4 Simple Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano MKI Simple    
MkII1 Hollow Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano MKII Hollow    
MkII2 Hard PIano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano MKII Hard    
MkII3 Old Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano MKII Old    
MkII4 Bright Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano MKII Bright    
Organ1 Soft Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys Organ Soft    
Organ2 Softer Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys Organ Softer    
Short3 Sharp Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano Short Sharp    
Short1 Glass Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys     deleted
Short4 Soft Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys E-Piano Short Soft    
Vibes1 Soft Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys Vibes Soft    
Wurli1 Classic Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys Wurli Classic Piano    
Wurli2 Soft Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys Wurli Soft Piano    
Wurli4 Short Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys Wurli Short Piano    
Wurli5 Hollow Piano Devices/Instruments/Electric/Piano & Keys Wurli Hollow Piano    
DS Drum Rack Devices/Instruments/Max Instrument   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Detuned1 Broad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Detuned Broad Pad    
Detuned2 Instable Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Detuned Instable Pad    
Detuned3 Sustain Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Detuned Sustain Pad    
Fizzling Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Fizzling Pad    
Harsh Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Harsh Keys .../Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Noisy Beat1 Triple Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Noisy Triple Beat Pad    
Noisy Beat2 Fourth Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Noisy Fourth Beat Pad    
Resonant Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Resonant Pad    
Chimes & Warm Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Ambient & Evolving Warm Chime Keys .../Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Basic Sinelike Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Sinelike Basic Bass    
Bass Azimuth Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Azimuth Bass    
Bass Disto FM Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Disto FM Bass    
Bass Face Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Face Bass    
Bass Housy Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Housy Bass    
Bass OP Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass OP Bass    
Bass Wobbly Flag Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Wobbly Flag Bass    
Creepbass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Creep Bass    
Detuned1 Attack Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Detuned Attack Bass    
Detuned2 Lowpass Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Detuned Lowpass Bass    
Distortion1 Bright Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Distortion Bright Bass    
Distortion2 Filtered Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Distortion Filtered Bass    
Dynamic1 Filter Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Dynamic Filter Bass    
Dynamic2 FM Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Harsh FM Bass    
Dynamic3 Harmonics Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Dynamic Harmonics Bass    
Electric FM2 Muffled Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Electric FM Muffled Bass    
Electric FM3 Fuzz Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Electric FM Fuzz Bass    
Electric FM4 Wow Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Electric FM Wow Bass    
Metallic1 Basic Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Metallic Basic Bass    
Metallic2 Mallet Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Metallic Mallet Bass    
Metallic3 Thin Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass     deleted
Short Decay1 Sine Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Short Decay Sine Bass    
Short Decay2 Saw Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Short Decay Saw Bass    
Short Decay3 Wah Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Short Decay Wah Bass    
Sub1 Clicky Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Sub Clicky Bass    
Sub2 Sine Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Sub Sine Bass    
Sweep1 Unison Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Sweep Unison Bass    
Sweep2 Slow Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Sweep Slow Bass    
Sweep3 Flange Bass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Bass Sweep Flange Bass    
Soft1 Warm Brass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Brass Soft Warm Brass    
Soft2 5ths Brass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Brass Soft 5ths Brass    
Soft3 FM Sweep Brass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Brass Soft FM Sweep Brass    
Sine BlipFilter Attack Devices/Instruments/Operator/Components Sine Blip Filter Attack    
SineNotchSweep Waveforms Devices/Instruments/Operator/Components Sine Notch Sweep Waveforms    
Percu Blip Bleep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Guitar & Plucked Perc Blip Bleep    
Pluck Devices/Instruments/Operator/Guitar & Plucked FM Basic Pluck    
Simple Devices/Instruments/Operator/Guitar & Plucked FM Piano Simple .../Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys  
Brushed Bell Hits Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Brushed Hits    
Classic Bell1 Basic Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Classic Basic    
Classic Bell2 Muffled Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Classic Muffled    
Classic Bell3 Bright Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Classic Bright    
Damped Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Damped    
Distorted Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Distorted Keys .../Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Dynamic Metallic Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Metallic Dynamic    
Fifths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Fifths    
HighPass Wineglass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Wineglass High Pass    
Leslie Bell Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Leslie    
Long Marimba Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Marimba Long    
Pitch Mod Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Pitch Mod    
Pitchy Release Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Pitchy Release Pluck .../Instruments/Operator/Guitar & Plucked  
Plain Octaves Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Plain Octaves    
Plastic Kalimba Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Kalimba Plastic    
Plastic Marimba Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Marimba Plastic    
Plastic Vibraphone Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Vibraphone Plastic    
Rattling Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Rattling    
Rubber Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Rubber Pluck .../Instruments/Operator/Guitar & Plucked  
Pure Vibes Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Vibes Pure    
Simple FM Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells FM Simple    
Sun Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Sun    
Vibrant Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Vibrant    
Tinkle1 Dry Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Tinkle Dry    
Tinkle2 Fine Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Tinkle Fine    
Tinkle3 Noisy Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Tinkle Noisy    
Tinkle4 Rich Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Tinkle Rich    
Tinkle5 Toy Bells Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets Bells Tinkle Toy    
Buzz Long Release Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Dynamic1 Buzz Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Dynamic2 Pitch Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Nasal Tines Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Plastic Harp Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Plucked Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Plucked Keys /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Tremolo Piano Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Tremolo Synth Piano /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Clicky Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Organ Clicky    
FM Piano1 Classic Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys FM Piano Classic    
FM Piano2 Decay Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys FM Piano Decay    
FM Piano3 Dirty Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys FM Piano Dirty    
FM Piano4 Filtered Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys FM Piano Filtered    
FM Piano5 Simple Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys FM Piano Bright    
LoFi Piano Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Clav Lo Fi    
Organ1 Basic Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Organ Basic    
Organ2 Clicky Sine Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Organ Clicky Sine    
Organ3 Stereo Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Organ Stereo    
Organ4 Dance Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Organ Dance    
Organ5 Slow Decay Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Organ Slow Decay    
Organ6 Formant Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Organ Formant    
Organ7 Plucky Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Organ Plucky    
Perc Noisy Attack Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Bells Noisy Attack .../Instruments/Operator/Mallets  
Rubber Piano Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys FM Piano Rubber    
Sustained Celesta Devices/Instruments/Operator/Piano & Keys Celesta Sustained    
Dynamic1 Buzz Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Dynamic Buzz Keys    
Dynamic2 Pitch Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Dynamic Pitch Keys    
House of Chords 1 Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Chord Mod Keys 1    
House of Chords 2 Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Chord Mod Keys 2    
Nebulae Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Nebulae Keys    
Plastic Harp Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Harp Plastic .../Instruments/Operator/Guitar & Plucked  
Poly2 Release Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Poly Release Keys    
Inharmonic Long Release Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Inharmonic Release Keys    
Buzz Long Release Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys Buzz Release Keys    
Buzz2 Sweep Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Buzz Sweep Lead    
Buzz3 Aftertouch Noise Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Buzz Aftertouch Noise Lead    
Buzz4 Overtones Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Buzz Overtones Lead    
FM1 Short Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead FM Short Lead    
FM2 Filterless Sweep Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead FM Filterless Sweep Lead    
FM3 Glide Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead FM Glide Lead    
FM4 Shimmering Release Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead FM Shimmering Release Lead    
FM5 Harpsichord Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead FM Harpsichord Lead    
Sine1 Noise Attack Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Sine Noise Attack Lead    
Sine2 Vibrato Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Sine Vibrato Lead    
Square1 Dirty Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Square Dirty Lead    
Square2 Filter Sweep Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Square Filter Sweep Lead    
Square3 Glide Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Square Glide Lead    
Sweep1 Upwards Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Sweep Upwards Lead    
Sweep2 Rhythmic Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Sweep Rhythmic Lead    
Sweep3 Pitch FX Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Sweep Pitch FX .../Instruments/Operator/Effects  
Unison1 Square Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Unison Square Lead    
Unison2 Saw Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Unison Saw Lead    
Unison3 FM Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Unison FM Lead    
Unison4 Filter Velo Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Unison Filter Velo Lead    
5ths1 Detuned Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead 5ths Detuned Pad    
Nasal Chorus Lead Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead Nasal Chorus Keys .../Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
FM Chord Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc Chord FM Keys /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Filterless Sweep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc Filterless Sweep Lead /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead  
House of Chords 1 Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
House of Chords 2 Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Inharmonic Long Release Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Nebulae Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
One Harmonic Bleep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead  
Percu Blip Bleep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Guitar & Plucked  
Poly1 Detuned Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad  
Poly2 Release Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Resonant Sweep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad  
Strings Basis Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad  
Sun Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc Sun Bells /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Mallets  
Wow Vibrato Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Misc   /Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead  
5ths2 Filter Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad 5ths Filter Sweep Pad    
5ths3 Glass Motion Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad 5ths Glass Motion Pad    
Bright Pad Filterless Sweep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Bright Filterless Sweep Pad    
Buzz1 Slow Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Buzz Slow Sweep Pad    
Buzz2 Motion Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Buzz Wide Motion Pad    
Buzz3 Reso Stereo Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Buzz Reso Stereo Pad    
Buzz4 Motion Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Buzz Slow Motion Pad    
Glass2 Unpitched Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Glass Unpitched Pad    
Glass3 Vibrato Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Glass Vibrato Pad    
Glass4 Thin Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Glass Thin Pad    
Glass5 Vibrato Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Glass Wah Pad    
Glass6 Thin Pure Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Glass Thin Pure Pad    
Hollow1 Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Hollow Sweep Pad    
Hollow2 reso Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Hollow Reso Pad    
Muted1 Soft Shimmer Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Muted Soft Shimmer Pad    
Muted2 Upper Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Muted Upper Sweep Pad    
Muted3 Noise Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Muted Noise Sweep Pad    
Muted4 Motion Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Muted Motion Pad    
Muted5 Chorus Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Muted Chorus Pad    
Padstyle Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Filtered Style Pad    
Poly1 Detuned Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Poly Detuned Pad    
Pure1 Muted Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Pure Muted Pad    
Pure2 Reso Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Pure Reso Sweep Pad    
Resonant Sweep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Resonant Sweep Pad    
Rhythmic Padtinez Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Rhythmic Tines Pad .../Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhythmic  
Still Sky Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Still Sky Pad    
Strings1 Vibrato Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Strings Vibrato Pad    
Strings2 Filter Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Strings Filter Pad    
Strings Basis Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Strings Basis Pad    
Strings3 Keys Attack Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Strings Keys Attack Pad    
Strings4 5ths Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Strings 5ths Pad    
Toy Glass Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Toy Glass Pad    
Toy Pad Keys Attack Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Toy Keys Attack Pad    
Vocal Choral1 Muted Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Vocal Choral Muted Pad    
Vocal Choral2 Stereo Sweep Pad Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad Vocal Choral Stereo Sweep Pad    
World Scape Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Pad World Scape Pad    
Bass & HIHat1 Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Bass & HIHat Basic    
Bass & HiHat2 Sweep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Bass & HiHat Sweep    
Bass & Perc Full Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Bass & Perc Full    
Bass Bell Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Bass & Bell    
Bass Buzz 16ths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Buzz Bass 16ths    
Bass Machine Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Klong Bass Machine    
Bass Pong Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Pong Bass    
Bass Wow Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Wow Bass    
Keys Machine Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Noisy Keys Machine    
Lead Buzz 4ths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Buzz Lead 4ths    
Metal Plucked 8ths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Metal Pluck 8ths    
Perc Full 16ths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Full Perc Pluck 16ths    
Perc Random 16ths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic      
Perc Thin 8ths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Thin 8ths Perc    
Plucky Delay Bleep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Delay Bleep Pluck .../Instruments/Operator/Guitar & Plucked  
Rhythmic Synth Buzz4 (Octaves Sweep) Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Synth Buzz    
SciFi2 Plucked Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic SciFi Pluck    
Synth Buzz1 8ths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Synth Buzz 8ths    
Synth Buzz2 Square Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Square Synth Buzz    
Synth Buzz3 Reso Sweep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Rhythmic Sweep Synth Buzz    
Synth Hollow 16ths Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Hollow Synth 16ths    
Synth Reso1 16ths Buzz Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Synth Reso Buzz 16ths    
Synth Reso2 16ths Sweep Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Synth Reso Sweep 16ths    
Thin 8ths Perc Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Rhtyhmic Thin Perc 8ths    
Choir1 Metal Muted Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Choir Metal Muted    
Choir2 Metal Bright Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Choir Metal Bright    
Choir3 Steam Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Choir Steam    
Choir4 Reverb Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Choir Reverb    
Percussive Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Percussive Keys .../Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Solo Male2 Metal Echo Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Solo Male Metal Echo    
Solo Male1 Fast Attack Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Solo Male Fast Attack    
Solo Female3 Reso Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Solo Female Reso    
Solo Female1 Fast Att Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Solo Female Fast Att    
Solo Female2 Long Rel Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Solo Female Long Rel    
Portamento3 Female Pure Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Portamento Female Pure    
Portamento1 Female Nasal Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Portamento Female Nasal    
Portamento2 Male Devices/Instruments/Operator/Synth Voices Portamento Male    
Flute1 Basic Winds Devices/Instruments/Operator/Winds Flute Basic    
Flute2 Hard Winds Devices/Instruments/Operator/Winds Flute Hard    
Flute3 Double Winds Devices/Instruments/Operator/Winds Flute Double    
Mello Flute Winds Devices/Instruments/Operator/Winds Flute Mellow    
Ocarina Winds Devices/Instruments/Operator/Winds Ocarina Basic    
Pan Flute Winds Devices/Instruments/Operator/Winds Pan Flute Basic    
Sax Winds Devices/Instruments/Operator/Winds Sax Lead .../Instruments/Operator/Synth Lead  
Recorder Winds Devices/Instruments/Operator/Winds Recorder Keys .../Instruments/Operator/Synth Keys  
Ambiente Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Ambient & Evolving Ambiente Pad    
Downstairs Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Ambient & Evolving Downstairs Pad    
Phantasm Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Ambient & Evolving Phantasm Pad    
Byte Sized Bass_crk Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Byte Sized Bass /Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass  
Mini1OSC_crk.adv Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Mini 1 OSC.adv /Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass  
Mini Wobble_crk.adv Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Mini Wobble.adv /Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass  
Mini2OSC_crk_phl.adv Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Mini 2 OSC.adv /Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass  
Bass Mod Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Mod Bass    
Glidesynth Bass SQ Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Glide Square Bass    
Mini 1 OSC Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Mini 1 OSC Reso Bass    
Mini 2 OSC Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Mini 2 OSC LFO Bass    
Mini Wobble Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Mini Wobble Bass    
Saw Synth C Bass Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Bass Saw Filtered Bass    
Cnarz 1 Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Effects Cnarz FX    
LoFi Warp Drone Lead Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Effects LoFi Warp Drone    
Res Clicks B Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Effects Reso Clicks    
Plock Blip Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Mallets   .../Instruments/Sampler/Effects  
Supershort Blip Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Mallets   .../Instruments/Sampler/Effects  
WHOLE FOLDER Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Piano & Keys   .../Instruments/Sampler/Synth Keys  
Electroflow Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Piano & Keys Electroflow Keys .../Instruments/Sampler/Synth Keys  
ARP 5th Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Piano & Keys Arp 5th Keys .../Instruments/Sampler/Synth Keys  
Metallic Love Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Piano & Keys Metallic Love Keys .../Instruments/Sampler/Synth Keys  
Tempo Steppe Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Piano & Keys Tempo Steppe Keys .../Instruments/Sampler/Synth Keys  
Sine Saw Square Rhythm Devices/Instruments/Sampler/Synth Rhythmic Rhythmic Sine Saw Square    
Duetta Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Ambient & Evolving Duetta Pad    
GitProc Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Ambient & Evolving Git Proc Loop .../Instruments/Simpler/Synth Rhythmic  
BBass Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Bass B Bass    
BSeven Bass Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Bass B Seven Bass    
MINI 1OSC Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Bass Mini 1 OSC Bass    
Mini 2OSC Solo Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Bass Mini 2 OSC Solo Bass    
MINI 3OSC Xectro Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Bass Mini 3 OSC Xectro Bass    
MINI 3OSC Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Bass Mini 3 OSC Bass    
Muugy Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Bass Muugy Bass    
Sub808Bass Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Bass Sub 808 Bass    
Cheap Electronic Piano Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Piano & Keys E-Piano Cheap    
Clav Delaychord Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Piano & Keys Clav Chord Delay    
Simplest Piano Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Piano & Keys Grand Piano Single Sample    
Reverberant Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Keys Reverberant Keys    
Softchord Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Keys Chord Soft Keys    
Analog Stab Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Lead Analog Stab Lead    
Ring Modular Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Lead Ring Modular Lead    
Soover Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Lead Soover Lead    
String Delay Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Lead String Delay Pad    
Reverberant .adv Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Misc Reverberant.adv /Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Keys  
Softchord Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Misc Softchord /Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Keys  
Analog Stab Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Misc Analog Stab /Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Lead  
Modular Church Organ Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Pad Modular Organ Pad    
PPP Devices/Instruments/Simpler/Synth Pad PPP Pad    
Moving Stringpad Devices/Instruments/Tension/Ambient & Evolving Moving String Pad
/Devices/Instruments/Tension/Ambient & Evolving
Bass1 Saw Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Saw Bass    
Bass2 Soft Buzz Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Soft Buzz Bass    
Bass3 Square Wah Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Square Wah Bass    
Bass4 Hollow Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Hollow Bass    
Electric1 Basic Bass Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Electric Basic Bass    
Electric3 Damped Bass Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Electric Damped Bass    
Electric5 Driven Bass Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Electric Driven Bass    
Sharp Sub Bass Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Sub Sharp Bass    
Upright1 Basic Bass Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Upright Basic Bass    
Upright2 Ambient Bass Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Upright Ambient Bass    
Upright3 Close Bass Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Upright Close Bass    
Upright4 Far Bass Devices/Instruments/Tension/Bass Upright Far Bass    
Clean1 Basic Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Clean Basic Guitar    
Clean2 Bright Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Clean Bright Guitar    
Clean3 Chorus Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Clean Chorus Guitar    
Eastern Harp1 Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Eastern Harp 1    
EasternHarp2 Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Eastern Harp 2    
Harp1 Soft Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Harp Soft    
Harp2 Short Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Harp Short    
Harp3 Release Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Harp Release    
Ice Ballad Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Ice Ballad Keys .../Instruments/Tension/Synth Keys  
Jazz1 Basic Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Jazz Basic Guitar    
Jazz2 Soft Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Jazz Soft Guitar    
Jazz3 Bright Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Jazz Bright Guitar    
Metal Reso Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Metal Reso Pluck    
Nylon1 Basic Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Nylon Basic Guitar    
Nylon2 Mute Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Nylon Mute Guitar    
Nylon3 Flamenco Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Nylon Flamenco Guitar    
Nylon4 Old Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Nylon Old Guitar    
Sitar1 Basic Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Sitar Basic    
Sitar2 Far Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Sitar Far    
Sitar3 Delay Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Sitar Delay    
Steel1 Basic Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Steel Basic Guitar    
Steel2 Picked Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Steel Picked Guitar    
Strat1 Bright Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Strat Bright Guitar    
Strat2 Hollow Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Strat Hollow Guitar    
Strat3 Muted Guitar Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked Strat Muted Guitar    
Big Kalimba Devices/Instruments/Tension/Mallets Kalimba Big    
A Clavinette Session Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Clav Session    
Clav1 Wah Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Clav Wah    
Clav2 Thin Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Clav Thin    
Clav3 Clean Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Clav Clean    
Clav4 Electric Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Clav Electric    
Clav6 Bright Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Clav Bright    
Clav7 Mellow Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Clav Mellow    
Clav8 Clicky Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Clav Clicky    
Mellow Wurly Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Wurli Mellow    
Prepared Piano1 Mute Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Prepared Piano Mute    
Prepared Piano2 Harmonics Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Prepared Piano Harmonics    
Prepared Piano3 Ambient Devices/Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys Prepared Piano Ambient    
Strings1 Violin Devices/Instruments/Tension/Strings Violin Strings    
Strings2 Cello Devices/Instruments/Tension/Strings Cello Strings    
Strings3 Vintage Devices/Instruments/Tension/Strings Vintage Strings    
Strings4 Pizz Devices/Instruments/Tension/Strings Ensemble Strings    
Strings5 Quartet Devices/Instruments/Tension/Strings Strings Quartet    
Strings6 Ensemble Devices/Instruments/Tension/Strings Ensemble Strings    
Celestaclav Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Keys Clav Celesta .../Instruments/Tension/Piano & Keys  
String Bells Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Keys     deleted
Arp1 Steely Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Misc      
Arp2 Metal Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Misc Metal Arp Pluck /Devices/Instruments/Tension/Guitar & Plucked  
Stutter String Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Misc      
Pad1 Moving Filter Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Pad Moving Filter Pad    
Pad2 Random Rhythm Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Pad Random Rhythm Pad    
Pad3 Wow Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Pad Wow Pad    
Pad4 Attack Devices/Instruments/Tension/Synth Pad Attack Pad .../Instruments/Tension/Synth Keys  
Symphnialgortihmic Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Ambient & Evolving Symphonialgorithmic
/Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Ambient & Evolving
Bass Grande Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Bass Grande Bass    
Bass Table Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Bass Table Bass    
Arr Matey Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Effects Arr Matey Lead .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Lead  
Van Der Graaf Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Effects   .../Instruments/Wavetable/Ambient & Evolving  
Attack! Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Effects     deleted
GlockenPluck Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Guitar & Plucked Glocken Pluck
/Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Guitar & Plucked
Levitate Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys Levitate Lead .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Lead  
Prelude Bell Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys Bell Prelude .../Instruments/Wavetable/Mallets  
Retro Harmonic Organ Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys Organ Retro Harmonic .../Instruments/Wavetable/Piano & Keys  
Nylon Drawbars Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys Organ Nylon Drawbars .../Instruments/Wavetable/Piano & Keys  
Mode Violator Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys     deleted
Saw Stack pad Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Lead Saw Stack /Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Lead  
Sproing & Sprung Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Lead Spring & Sprung /Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Lead  
Annapad Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad Anna Pad .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad  
Andes Air Pad Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad     deleted
Clear My Throat Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad Clear My Throat Lead .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Lead  
Crystal Labryninth Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad Crystal Labyrinth Keys .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys  
Dulcimore Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad Dulcimore Keys .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys  
MKS Atmos Pad Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad Atmos Pad .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad  
Just Change The Table Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad Change The Table Keys .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys  
Velocity Bells Devices/Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Pad Velocity Keys .../Instruments/Wavetable/Synth Keys  
* Devices/Midi Effects   /Devices/MIDI Effects Folder moved
MIDI Effect Rack Devices/Midi Effects   /Racks/MIDI Effect Racks default
Arp Up
Devices/Midi Effects/MIDI Effect Rack/Arpeggio
  /Racks/MIDI Effect Racks/Arpeggio  
Chance Arp
Devices/Midi Effects/MIDI Effect Rack/Arpeggio
  /Racks/MIDI Effect Racks/Arpeggio  
Chord Arp
Devices/Midi Effects/MIDI Effect Rack/Arpeggio
  /Racks/MIDI Effect Racks/Arpeggio  
Double Arp
Devices/Midi Effects/MIDI Effect Rack/Arpeggio
  /Racks/MIDI Effect Racks/Arpeggio  
Scale Driver Devices/Midi Effects/MIDI Effect Rack/Experimental Scale Driver /Racks/MIDI Effect Racks/Experimental  
Arp Up
Devices/Midi Effects/MIDI Effect Racks/Arpeggio
  /Racks/MIDI Effect Racks/Arpeggio  
Battu Kit


  /Racks/Drum Racks/Acoustic  
SessionDry Kit Drums Dry Session Kit /Racks/Drum Racks/Acoustic  
606 Core Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Drum Machines  
707 Core Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Drum Machines  
808 Core Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Drum Machines  
909 Core Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Drum Machines  
C78 Core Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Drum Machines  
LD Core Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Drum Machines  
Borja Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Cashon Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Crushed Ice Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Datai Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Flares Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Glas Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Grit Life KIt Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Hot Rod Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Ichor Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Jarble Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Late Nite Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Lycra Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Mad Mollusc Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Mt Dill Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Quark Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Sensor Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
So Future Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Stratus Rise Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Trancil Exit Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Yakiman Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Electronic  
Percussion Core Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Percussion  
Alert Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Chromatone Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Clint West Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Coral Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Crystal Clear Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Feat Pete Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Formaggio 1 Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Formaggio 2 Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Four AM Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Heritage Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Ironman Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Slackjaw Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Source Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Stark Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
SwanSong Kit Drums Swan Song Kit /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
That Feel Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Thicket Kit Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Sampled  
Selector Kit Clean Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Selector Kits  
Selector Kit Warm Drums   /Racks/Drum Racks/Selector Kits  
Multitudes Of Space

Sounds/Ambient & Evolving

  /Racks/Instrument Racks/Evolving  
Pitched Ambiente Sounds/Ambient & Evolving Pitched Ambience /Racks/Instrument Racks/Evolving  
Interplanetary Trip Pad Sounds/Ambient & Evolving   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Evolving  
Sogawni Arp Split Sounds/Ambient & Evolving Sogawni Split Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Schnauss Starshower Sounds/Ambient & Evolving Starshower Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Sitar Soundtrack Sounds/Ambient & Evolving Sitar Soundtrack Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Van The Man Sounds/Ambient & Evolving Van The Man Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Chimes and Bow Sounds/Ambient & Evolving Chimes and Bow Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Wave Evolve Pad Sounds/Ambient & Evolving   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Evolving  
All Alone Pad Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Chill Outzone Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Cosmos Soundscape Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Glas Filtered Verb Noise Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Glass Cave Mirror Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Light And Shadow Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Polar Pad Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Stutter Pad Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Thicket Auto Dub Siren Sounds/Ambient & Evolving     deleted
Hip-Hop Sub Bass Sounds/Bass Basic Sub Sine /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Dank Moug Sounds/Bass Saturated Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Fat Leather Bass Sounds/Bass   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Boom Sub Bass Sounds/Bass Basic Sub Boom /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Gut Kicked Bass Sounds/Bass Complex Gut Kicked Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Nerologist Sounds/Bass Complex Neurologist Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Optical Grunge Sounds/Bass Complex Grunge Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Pure Minor Sounds/Bass Chord Minor Pluck /Racks/Instrument Racks/Plucked  
Fat Bass Wobble Sounds/Bass Fat Square Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Optimo Time Sounds/Bass Optimo Time Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Burned Bass Sounds/Bass   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Deep In Dark Sounds/Bass Basic Analog Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Electric Bass Drive Sounds/Bass Basic Electric Drive Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Fanatik Bass Sounds/Bass Basic Fanatik Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Fine Line Bass Sounds/Bass Basic Fine Line Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Mello Bass Sounds/Bass Basic Mello Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Wash Bass Sounds/Bass Basic Wash Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Jarble Disto Bass Sounds/Bass   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Analog Saw Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Analogue Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Bass Floor Bounce Sounds/Bass     deleted
Boffner Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Cinder Blast Sounds/Bass     deleted
Club Amp Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Deep Wave Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Distorted Sine Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Drop Buzz Sounds/Bass     deleted
Favor Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Funk Saw Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Growing Binaural Sounds/Bass     deleted
Jarble Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
June Oh Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Ostbahnhof Sounds/Bass     deleted
Pro Tweeze Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Puff Macro Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Reso Blaster Sounds/Bass     deleted
Rock Electric Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Rump Shaker Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Smack Wah Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Smoked Analog Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Tough Electro Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Wobble 2 Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Wobble Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Woofer Loving Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Xiphosura Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
You Pop My World Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Zapp Bass Sounds/Bass     deleted
Might As Well Synth Brass Sounds/Brass Basic Synth Brass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Brass  
Silk Horns Synth Brass Sounds/Brass Basic Silk Horns /Racks/Instrument Racks/Brass  
Poly Synth Brass Sounds/Brass   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Brass  
Dusky Swells Synth Brass Sounds/Brass Swell Brass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Brass  
Brassinski Sounds/Brass     deleted
Soft Horns Brass Sounds/Brass     deleted
Ominous Thud FX Sounds/Effects Ominous Thud /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Zipper Transport Sounds/Effects Complex Zipper FX /Racks/Instrument Racks/FX  
Dead City Sounds/Effects Dead City FX /Racks/Instrument Racks/FX  
Cletter Sounds/Effects Complex Cletter Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Hyper Riser Sounds/Effects   /Racks/Instrument Racks/FX  
ENCOM Riser Sounds/Effects   /Racks/Instrument Racks/FX  
Glowstick Juice Rack Sounds/Effects Glowstick SFX /Racks/Instrument Racks/Effects  
F1 Riser Sounds/Effects     deleted
Guitar Palm Legacy Sounds/Guitar & Plucked Palm Guitar /Racks/Instrument Racks/Guitar  
Buzzheng Sounds/Guitar & Plucked Basic Guzheng /Racks/Instrument Racks/Guitar  
Flange Harp Sounds/Guitar & Plucked Basic Flange Harp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Guitar  
Nylon Concerto Guitar Sounds/Guitar & Plucked Basic Nylon Concerto Guitar /Racks/Instrument Racks/Guitar  
Shamisen Sounds/Guitar & Plucked Basic Shamisen /Racks/Instrument Racks/Guitar  
Ionosphere Guitar Sounds/Guitar & Plucked   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Guitar  
Miami Pluck Sounds/Guitar & Plucked   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Plucked  
Campfire Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Hammer Dulcimer Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Hard Mute Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Hard Picked Dist Lead Guitar Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Moon Pluck Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Obese Pluck Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Please Rise For Jimi Guitar Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Plucked Flutter Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Steel Jazz Clean Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Strangler Lead Guitar Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Tension Rock Guitar Sounds/Guitar & Plucked     deleted
Outland Bell Sounds/Mallets Outland Bells /Racks/Instrument Racks/Mallets  
Bright Marimba Sounds/Mallets Basic Bright Marimba /Racks/Instrument Racks/Mallets  
Brushed Bell Hits Bells Sounds/Mallets Basic Brushed Bells /Racks/Instrument Racks/Mallets  
African Bars Sounds/Mallets     deleted
Bright Soulful Sounds/Mallets     deleted
Grotty Bell Sounds/Mallets     deleted
Haunted Bell Sounds/Mallets     deleted
Marty Bells Sounds/Mallets     deleted
Marty Sustained Celesta Sounds/Mallets     deleted
Street Bells Sounds/Mallets     deleted
Synthetic Kick Bass Trap Sounds/Percussive Synthetic Kick Bass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Jojobell Sounds/Percussive Basic FM Bells /Racks/Instrument Racks/Mallets  
808 Pitch Boom Sounds/Percussive Sub 808 Pitch Boom /Racks/Instrument Racks/Bass  
Drubb Stabs Sounds/Percussive   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Plucked  
Piano Little One Sounds/Piano & Keys Little Synth Piano /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
EP Faceplant Sounds/Piano & Keys E-Piano Faceplant /Racks/Instrument Racks/Piano & Keys  
Old School Roads Sounds/Piano & Keys E-Piano Old School /Racks/Instrument Racks/Piano & Keys  
Funky Organ Sounds/Piano & Keys Organ Funky /Racks/Instrument Racks/Piano & Keys  
Grand Piano Sounds/Piano & Keys   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Piano & Keys  
Bright Tines Sounds/Piano & Keys FM Piano Bright Tines /Racks/Instrument Racks/Piano & Keys  
Crep Slide Sounds/Piano & Keys E-Piano Crep Slide /Racks/Instrument Racks/Piano & Keys  
Dance Dot Org Sounds/Piano & Keys     deleted
Glass Piano Sounds/Piano & Keys     deleted
Piano to Pad Sounds/Piano & Keys     deleted
Stevie Wow Sounds/Piano & Keys     deleted
Tinefull Ambient Sounds/Piano & Keys     deleted
Rotaviolin Sounds/Strings Chord Rotaviolin /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
M Tron Strings Sounds/Strings   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Strings  
Off World Strings Sounds/Strings   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Strings  
It Happened One Night Strings Sounds/Strings     deleted
Jarble Tweeze Strings Sounds/Strings     deleted
Echo Moved Key Sounds/Synth Keys Echo Moved Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Pizza Go-Round Sounds/Synth Keys Basic Bell Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Suburban Sounds/Synth Keys Suburban Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Canadian Boards Sounds/Synth Keys Canadian Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Contact Sounds/Synth Keys Contact Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Mt Dill Wah Organ Sounds/Synth Keys Wah Synth Organ /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Straight EP Sounds/Synth Keys E-Piano Straight /Racks/Instrument Racks/Piano & Keys  
Cathedral Wave Pipes Sounds/Synth Keys Cathedral Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Cars In The 80's Sounds/Synth Keys Cars In The 80s Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Morphed Keys Sounds/Synth Keys Complex Morphed Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Mod Amp Sine Bleep Sounds/Synth Keys   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Plucked  
Lift Delay Lead Sounds/Synth Keys Lift Delay Pluck /Racks/Instrument Racks/Plucked  
Arithmoquine Pad Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Biff Pow Organ Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Captive Cathedral Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Clear Icon Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Collossus Guitar Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Floating Keys Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Jarble Perator Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Light Keys Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Pachelbel Exit Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Southern Skies Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Vector Clav Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
VS Magic Sounds/Synth Keys     deleted
Formaggio Padd Sounds/Synth Lead Formaggio Lead /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Det Keys Sounds/Synth Lead Chord Det Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Lift Delay Sounds/Synth Lead Lift Delay Lead /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
HU-Dub Nub Sounds/Synth Lead Chord Dub Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Mt Dill Amped Lead Sounds/Synth Lead Complex Amp Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Teared Down Sounds/Synth Lead Basic Teared Down Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Afterfade Chord Sounds/Synth Lead Chord Afterfade /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Four AM Super Soover Sounds/Synth Lead Super Soover Lead /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Smores Lead Sounds/Synth Lead   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Swirl Lead Sounds/Synth Lead   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Sort of Sad Sounds/Synth Lead Chord Vintage Lead /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Minor to Major Lead Sounds/Synth Lead Chord Minor to Major /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Lead Heart & Soul Sounds/Synth Lead Basic Sine Drive Lead /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Sixth Sense Sounds/Synth Lead Rave Lead /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Syripples Sounds/Synth Lead Syripples Lead /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Electrik High Wobble Sounds/Synth Lead Sync Electric Lead /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Lead  
Block Minor Sounds/Synth Lead Block Minor Brass /Racks/Instrument Racks/Brass  
Fuzzy Poly Sounds/Synth Lead Fuzzy Analog Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Metallic Hits Sounds/Synth Lead Metallic Noise Pluck /Racks/Instrument Racks/Plucked  
5th Stab Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
10 Saws Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Boulder Blaster Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Brassicana Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Bright Saw Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Burrow Brown Solo Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Chance Synth Solo Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Chiffy Sinusoid Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Eee Formanto Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Electric Screamer Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Epic Grain Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Filtfase Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Flute Bounty Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Funk Mouth Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Henry's Solo Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Jarble Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Kraven Ridge Solo Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Lute Fantasia Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Philly Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Prologue Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Punch and Dirty Lead Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Slicing Filter Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
The Phatt Dance Stabber Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Thicket Ring Reverb Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Toy Synth & Blown Speaker Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Wrapped Pluck Sounds/Synth Lead     deleted
Particles Pad Sounds/Synth Pad Particles Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Snow Peaks Sounds/Synth Pad Snow Peaks Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Neptune Ascending Sounds/Synth Pad Neptune Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
ENOugh Chord Pad Sounds/Synth Pad Chord Eno Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
FeedRix Pad Sounds/Synth Pad Basic Sine Keys /Racks/Instrument Racks/Synth Keys  
Goodbye Cassini Pad Sounds/Synth Pad FM Cassini Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Second Stellar Strings Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Strings  
Synthetic String Pad Sounds/Synth Pad Synthetic Strings /Racks/Instrument Racks/Strings  
Cave Talkers Sounds/Synth Pad Cave Talkers Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Perception Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Abilene Winter Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Celestial Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Covalent Theorem Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Dojo Sky Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Moving Pictures Sounds/Synth Pad Moving Pictures Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Sandman Sounds/Synth Pad Sandman Pad /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Seashore Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Evolving  
Soundtrack Lore Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Sweeper Saege Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Thicket Wail Pad Sounds/Synth Pad   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
A Snow Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Chord Sweeper Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Digistensum Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Elegic Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Glacier Voices Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Gritty Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Ion Snow Pad Chord Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
June O Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Marty Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Palumeu Flyover Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Pulse Mod Reso Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Rico's Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Sadness Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Shaperello Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Soft Strings Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Space Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Tower Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Transponder Arp Pad Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Autosinfonie Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Barnes and Pedals Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Bass Groove Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Chase Interrupted Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Euro Dance Lead Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Fuzzy Molten Arp Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Halion Moon Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Jungle Out There Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Pipedream Manifesto Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Pitchable Rythm Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Rhythm Tube Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Rhythm Walnut Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
The Deeper Blue Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Zuess Play Dirty Sounds/Synth Pad     deleted
Steeple Chaser Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Steeple Chaser Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Waves & Shear Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Downwards Retro Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
String Uplift Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Uplift Strings Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Cloud Cover Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Cloud Cover Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Felixian Plucks Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Felixian Pluck Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Eurythmical Power Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Eurythmical Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Upside Frown Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Basic Retro Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Train Dream Plucks Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Basic Pluck Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Harp Delicious Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Basic Harp Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Sencha Sounds/Synth Rhythmic Sencha Arp /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Space Arp Sounds/Synth Rhythmic   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Rhythmic  
Spacious Choir Sounds/Voices Synthetic Choir Strings /Racks/Instrument Racks/Strings  
DigiNoise Choir Sounds/Voices Digi Noise Choir /Racks/Instrument Racks/Pad  
Fairness Act Choir Sounds/Voices     deleted
Mouth Of The Whale Choir Sounds/Voices     deleted
Rob Otto Spheric Sounds/Voices     deleted
Vocosyn Sounds/Voices     deleted
Bottle Blower Sounds/Winds   /Racks/Instrument Racks/Winds  
Velocity Pans Sounds/Winds     deleted
Pad4 Slow Devices/Instruments/Collission/Ambient & Evolving Slow Pad    
Pad5 High Devices/Instruments/Collission/Ambient & Evolving High Pad    

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