Hybrid Reverb FAQ

What can cause CPU spikes in Hybrid Reverb?

Hybrid Reverb is generally a CPU-efficient device. However, you may experience CPU spikes due to low buffer sizes or large Impulse Responses in the convolution engine.

To fix this you can increase the buffer size and/or lower the Impulse Response Decay.

Why can't I load an Impulse Response?

Hybrid Reverb does not support compressed audio formats such as mp3 or FLAC.

What are True Stereo Impulse Responses?

True Stereo Impulse Responses consist of two individual stereo samples. For the samples to be recognized as part of the same file they need to:

  • have the same exact length

  • be stereo

  • have the same sample rate and bit depth

  • contain the suffix Left or Right respectively such as "(Name) L.aif" and "(Name) R.aif"

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