Note and Velocity Chance in Live 11 FAQ

  • Live Version: 11
  • Operating System: All

What Chance options are in Live 11?

Note Chance defines whether or not a MIDI note will be played using percentages. A value of 50% means that there is a 50% chance that the note will be played.  

  • Open the Notes/Samples Tab
  • Click the Chance icon
  • Select notes and drag the Chance marker up or down to change the value

Velocity Chance sets a velocity range in which the MIDI note velocity will be randomized within the defined limits.

  • Open the Notes/Samples Tab
  • Click the Velocity icon
  • Select the notes and drag the Velocity marker to increase or decrease velocity
  • Click and hold CMD (Mac) / Ctrl (Windows) while dragging the Velocity marker to define the range within the values that will be randomly chosen

How can I see the Note or Velocity Chance options?

Note and Velocity Chance can be viewed by clicking the appropriate icons:


When should I use Chance?

Chance has a wide variety of uses, from very subtle variations to complete randomization of the original content. Here are some examples:

  • Add unpredictability to MIDI notes
  • Add fills or variations to MIDI clips
  • Duplicate a MIDI clip with varying patterns of the same notes to create new melodic ideas
  • Add an organic or “live” feel to MIDI patterns

I set the Note Chance slider to 50%, but not every second hit is being played.

Since the concept of Chance is based on randomness, a value of 50% indicates that there is a 50% chance that the note will be played.

If I select a group of notes and set them to the same Note Chance value, will they all play at the same time?

No, Chance is calculated for each note individually.

Can I use Chance with audio clips?

Chance can not be applied to audio clips.

Can I expand the Editor lanes?

Yes. Click and pull the top edge upwards to increase or decrease the Editor lanes.

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