Templates FAQ

  • Live Version: 11
  • Operating System: All

You can save Live Sets as Templates to Live's Browser to easily access them whenever you need.


How can I create my own Default Set and Templates?

  • You can overwrite and save the current Set as the Default Set by clicking
    File > Save Live Set as Default Set.

  • You can create your own Templates from the current Set by clicking
    File > Save Live Set as Template.

  • You can make any Template the Default Set by right-clicking on it in Live's Browser under Templates and selecting Set Default Live Set.

Will saving a Template overwrite my current Set?

No, the state of the current Set is unchanged until you save it as a Set or project.

Why is the Save Current Set as Default missing in Live’s Preferences?

This option has been replaced by the Template section in Live’s Browser and can be selected by right-clicking on the desired Set. To clear a Template Set, simply select DefaultLiveSet.als from the Templates category.

I created a Template, but when I try to open it, Live crashes or hangs.

Follow the steps in our Troubleshooting a Crash article to resolve issues with a Template that crashes or hangs.

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