Updates to Follow Actions in Live 11

  • Live Version: 11
  • Operating System: All

New location

To  show or hide the Follow Actions view, click on the arrow next to the clip bypass button.


Follow Actions can be activated (or deactivated) with the Follow Actions button.

Scene Follow Actions 

Scenes can now also use Follow Actions. You can view and edit them by double-clicking on a Scene. 

The options are the same as Clip Follow Actions, excluding any clip-specific actions.


This new option allows you to determine any specific clip in the current track to be played next according to the Follow Chance settings.

Use the box next to the drop down menu to select the scene containing the clip.

Probability Slider 

Instead of setting probability by typing numeric values, you can now use the probability slider.

Linked vs. unlinked 

When set to Linked, the Follow Action is triggered at the end of the clip, or after the clip has played the number of loops defined in the Follow Action Multiplier.

When set to Unlinked, the Follow Action is triggered after the clip has played for the duration of the Follow Action Time.


I selected Jump and defined the position of the clip in a group of clips, but it doesn’t play the clip.

The selector next to Jump is for the Scene number of the current track that contains the clip, not the position of the clip in a group of clips.

When I click on the arrow next to the bypass button to unfold the Follow Actions Editor, I only see Prgm/Bank/Sub.

Prgm/Bank/Sub indicates that you are currently in Arrangement View. Follow Actions are only available in Session View.

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