Live 10 Discount Campaign FAQ 

What is the discount campaign?

We are offering a 20% discount on purchases of Live 10 licenses as well as Live 10 upgrades, both will include a free upgrade to Live 11 once it is released. 

Will I also get a free upgrade to Live 11 if I purchase Live 10 from a store?

Yes, you will get a free upgrade to Live 11 as long as you register your Live 10 serial number to your account during the campaign period.

Will there also be a 20% discount on Push?

The discount is for software only, which includes Live licenses bundled with Push. 

I have an EDU license, can I also benefit from the campaign discount?

If you own Live 10 Standard EDU, you can upgrade to Live 10 Suite with the 20% discount. 

If you own Live 10 Suite EDU, you can pre-order Live 11 Suite with the 20% discount. 

Please note there is no educational discount for upgrades. 

Can I buy a new EDU license and get the campaign discount as well?

The EDU discount cannot be combined with the 20% discount. However, if you purchase Live 10 Standard or Suite EDU during the campaign, you’ll get a free upgrade to Live 11 Standard or Suite when it is released.

How can I find my upgrade price if I have an existing Live license? 

To see your upgrade options, sign into your Ableton account where your license is registered and then go to the webshop

I own Live Lite or Intro, what are my upgrade options?

Live Lite and Intro can be upgraded to Live 10 Standard or Live 10 Suite, which would include a free upgrade to Live 11 Standard or Suite. You can view your individual upgrade pricing in our webshop

What payment methods are accepted?

Here you can find detailed information on all the payment methods we accept.

When does the campaign end?

The campaign ends with the release of Live 11.

When will Live 11 be released?

Live 11 will be released in the first quarter of 2021. We don’t have an exact date yet, so you can subscribe to our Newsletter to stay in the loop or check our website for updates on a regular basis.

How will I get my Live 11 license?

If you purchase Live 10 during the discount campaign, your Live 11 license will be automatically registered to your account once the new version is out. You will then be able to download the Live 11 installer.