Live 11 Pre-order FAQ 

What is the pre-order offer?

Live 10 Suite owners can pre-order Live 11 Suite with a 20% discount. 

Do I need to pay up front?

You won't be charged until Live 11 is released. If you pre-order using a credit card, you will see an initial 1 EUR/USD authorization on your card. At release you will be automatically charged. For all other payment methods, you will be sent a payment link at release so you can complete your order. 

How do I sign up for the pre-order?

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to the Live 11 Shop page.
  • Select ‘Pre-order Live 11 from the upgrade options.
  • Choose your payment method and follow the checkout process.

You will then see a pre-order confirmation in your account.

Can I pre-order Live 11 Suite through a store?

No, the pre-order offer is only available at 

Can I buy Push with my pre-order for Live 11?

Yes, if you buy Push it will be shipped immediately. 

Are there educational discounts for the pre-order?

There isn’t an educational discount on the pre-order price, however, owners of Live 10 Suite EDU can pre-order with the 20% campaign discount. 

I own Live 10 Standard, can I pre-order Live 11 Standard?

The pre-order offer is only for Live 11 Suite, not Standard. 

However, if you own Live 10 Standard or Live 10 Standard EDU and upgrade to Live 10 Suite during the discount campaign, you will automatically receive a free upgrade to Live 11 Suite.  

Does the offer expire?

Once Live 11 is out the 20% discount will no longer be available. If you pre-ordered, the payment link will secure your price for 14 days, afterwards it will expire. 

Can I cancel my pre-order?

You can cancel your pre-order at any time, just contact Support so we can process the cancellation. 

What is the refund policy for the Live 11 pre-order?

You can return your Live 11 order within 14 days of the release. 

When will Live 11 be available?

Live 11 will be released in the first quarter of 2021. We don’t have an exact date yet, so you can subscribe to our Newsletter to stay in the loop or check our website for updates on a regular basis.

How will I get my Live 11 license?

Your Live 11 license will be automatically registered to your account once the new version is out. You will then be able to download the Live 11 installer.