Push 2 randomly changes values (Mac)

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: Mac

If your Push 2 is randomly changing values of the encoders, pads, or touchstrip on its own, make sure that everything is set up as mentioned in our article Setting up Push 2 (Mac). Here are some potential solutions:

  • Test different USB cables. We don't recommend using USB C adapters.
  • If possible, connect Push 2 directly to your computer instead of using a USB hub and try different USB ports on your computer.
  • Make sure Push 2 is selected only once in Live's Link/MIDI Preferences under "Control Surfaces".
  • If you use a pedal connected to the device, test your Push 2 without it.

If the problem persists, you might be experiencing EMI (electromagnetic interference). 

EMI is radio frequency noise that comes through the air or conductive noise that travels over wires.

Typical EMI sources are bad power supplies (computers or hubs, fluorescent lamps, cell phones, all kinds of motors such as aquarium air pumps, fans, refrigerators, etc.), as well as grounding issues in the rooms or the entire building.

Note: These problems are mainly concern MacBook Pro laptops and are not limited or related to Live.

To test for EMI try the following steps:

  1. Connect Push 2 without power supply to the laptop, e.g. connect only the USB cable, while the laptop is also running without power supply
  2. Test Push in other rooms or locations, at different sockets and with switched off or disconnected devices of the above mentioned EMI sources to see if the problem persists.
  3. If possible, test Push on another computer to see if the problem persists.

If the issues disappear during these tests, the problem is very likely caused by EMI which should be checked by an electrician, especially in case of bad grounding of the building.

If this is not possible, here are other possible solutions:

Solution 1:

In the US, the "duck head" AC plug with two prongs is ungrounded. If you are using a duck head plug, then this could be the source of the problem. 

Remove the duck head plug and replace it with a three-prong plug that should come as standard from Apple. You can do this by removing the connector attached to the power adapter.


It can also be purchased as an extension cable.

You can find more information in this Apple article.

Solution 2:

If your MacBook Pro is brand new, it might be possible that there is a piece of protective plastic placed by the manufacturer over the 10mm stainless steel stuff that grounds the device. 

If your device is older, then it is possible that there is dirt over this connection that is causing the problem.

  1. Locate your power adapter (your white power supply block), and detach the power lead from it.
  2. In the connector, you should see a 2 pin connection for neutral and live connections. There should also be a 10mm stainless steel stud within this connector, too.
  3. If you see a piece of protective plastic over this plug, remove it. If not, try wiping it with a dry cloth (while it is not plugged into a socket) and replacing it.


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