Importing a tempo map

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

To import a tempo map from another DAW or application:

1. Export a MIDI file from the source application which includes all tempo changes (the options to do this vary according to the application, so check its manual to find out how).

Note: the MIDI file must include a MIDI note, or group of notes which span the entire length of the tempo changes. This screenshot shows a section of time in Pro Tools with tempo changes, and a MIDI note spanning the length of the tempo changes.


2. Open this MIDI file in Live in an Arrangement view track (drag and drop the file to a MIDI track, or use Create → "Import MIDI file").

3. The following notification will pop up, click Yes:


4. Then the included tempo automation will be visible in the Master track, under Mixer → Song Tempo:


Note: Live can't export a tempo map, but there is a workaround if the other application supports creation of a tempo map from an audio file.

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