Using Link without an active internet connection

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Link data is transmitted using network data packets. However you don't need to use an active internet connection to do this. You can use one of the following offline methods to connect devices using Link.

1. Ad-hoc network

This allows you to create a private network between devices without using an internet router. Follow the instructions for your OS version:

Mac OS 10.10 and higher
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
iOS (connection to a cellular network required)

2. WIFI Router 

The router itself doesn't need to be connected to the internet to create a private network. Simply connecting two devices with Ethernet cables to the same router is enough to transfer network data between them. Otherwise check the help files for your router in order to set up a private WIFI network.

3. Ethernet or Thunderbolt Cable

Directly connect two computers using either Ethernet or Thunderbolt cables, both of which are capable of transmitting network data.

4. Lightning Cable (iOS)

Use Lightning cables that support network data transfer. 

Note: If the Link connection is not established after connecting an iOS device to your Mac, open iTunes and make sure that your iOS device is recognized in iTunes.

5. Lightning to Ethernet adaptor

You can directly connect an iOS device to another mobile device, using a Lightning to Ethernet adaptor (usually sold as a Lightning Camera Adaptor). If connecting an Android device to another mobile device, you'll need to use an Ethernet adaptor and install Marshmallow for Android, as per the instructions on this third party site.

Note: It's not possible to use Link over Bluetooth, nor is it possible to use Link on a VPN (virtual private network).

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