How to merge Live Sets

  • Live Version: All
  • Operating System: All

To merge two or more Live Sets or to bring Clips, Tracks or Group Tracks of one into another Set, use Live's Browser:

  1. Open Live and load a set.
  2. Go to Live's Browser. Navigate to the Set which you would like to merge into the already opened Set. If the enclosing folder is not yet in the "Places" section of the Browser, click on "Add Folder" on the bottom left to add it:

  3. Live will now display the Live Set(s) in the right column of the browser:

  4. Drag the desired Live Set into the currently open Set (next to the already existing Tracks). This will recreate the complete Live Set including all clips in Session and Arrangement View, its devices, routing and automation. Only Return Tracks and the Master Track will be ignored:

  5. If you like to add only individual parts of the Set, click on the arrow icon next to the Set's name to unfold it. You can now access the individual tracks (e.g. "Instrument 1"), Clips (e.g. "1 27-Bass 2") and Group Tracks (e.g. "Samples") :

  6. Drag and drop a Clip into a Clip Slot in Session View  or next to the already existing Tracks to create a new MIDI or Audio Track that contains this Clip. Drag and drop a Track or Group Track next to the already existing Tracks in Session or Arrangement View:

  7. You can also preview the Clips in the Browser. Make sure that the headphones icon at the bottom left of the Browser is turned on. Highlight the Clip, then click on 'Click to Preview'. This works for both audio and MIDI clips:

  8. If you have used Grooves in a Live Set, you can also access these via the Browser. Drag and drop a Groove directly onto a Clip to use it in another Set: