Push 2 display keeps resetting itself every few seconds

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

If the Push display cycles from the logo screen and back to normal operation every few seconds, this could be happening for a few different reasons:

1. Ensure the Push Control Surface is correctly configured

  • Open Live's preferences to the Link MIDI tab. It should look like this:
  • Screen_Shot_2018-08-01_at_17.24.20.png 
  • If there are any extra Push 2 control surfaces, set all drop-downs to None for the extra instances. Make sure that the Push 2 Control Surface Input and Output are set to Ableton Push 2 [Windows]/ Ableton Push 2 (Live port)[Mac].

2. Ensure the USB connection is strong enough

  • Connect Push directly to a USB port on the computer (not through a hub).
  • Make sure the cable is properly inserted into the Push 2 port; it requires a firm press.
  • Make sure you are using the provided USB cable. Push 2 requires a substantial amount of USB data traffic, and standard USB cables may not be fast enough.

3. Close Google Chrome

  • Depending on which tabs are open and what extensions are installed, Chrome can be very CPU heavy. This can interfere with the display process on Push 2. Close Chrome entirely and see if that fixes the issue.

4. Check the current CPU usage of your system

  • Open Activity Monitor (Mac) or Task Manager (Windows) and monitor how much CPU is currently in use on your system.
  • Close all processes and programs which are using too much CPU.

5. Reinstall all graphics drivers

  • Uninstall all graphics drivers and reinstall them while making sure that you are using the latest versions.
  • This tool can be helpful with the procedure.

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