Disabling App Nap

  • Live Versions: 9, 10
  • Operating System: Mac

App Nap is an energy feature introduced with OS X Mavericks and later that causes inactive applications to go into a paused state helping to reduce power usage. However this feature can sometimes result in performance issues in Live depending on how the program is being used.

Therefore, if using Live 9, we recommend that Live is prevented from entering the "App Nap" state. Live 10 does not allow the application to enter the "App Nap" state, therefore there is checkbox to prevent this manually.

Live 10

Live 10 does not have a "Prevent App Nap" checkbox as App Nap is automatically disabled by default. Therefore, the checkbox in the Information window has been removed:

Live 9

To disable app nap In Live 9:

  1. Locate the Live 9 application in the Applications folder in Finder
  2. Right click on the application and select "Get Info", or press CMD + i
  3. Check the box marked "Prevent App Nap", as shown below: