Push 2 pads/buttons light up but Display is flashing (Mac)

  • Live Versions: Live 10 and later
  • Operating System: Mac

Note: This applies if you are using a MacBook Pro model with two graphics systems — an integrated graphics processor and a discrete graphics processor.

If you experience that the Push 2 display starts to blink after a few minutes (on/off without showing Push 2 logo when black), but the pads and buttons are functioning, it might be related to the energy saving settings of your MacBook.

Open System Preferences > Energy Saver and make sure to uncheck the box Automatic graphics switching:


If you don't see the automatic graphics switching option, your computer has one graphics system. To confirm, choose Apple menu > About this Mac, press the System Report button, and select Graphics/Displays on the left. The graphics system or systems are listed under Video Card.

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