Max 8

  • Live Version: 10
  • Operating System: All

Cycling have released Max 8. Here we've answered some questions about what this means for you.

Doesn't Live 10 Suite already include a bundled version of Max 8?

Yes, but an earlier version of Max 8.

When will Live 10 be updated with the latest version of Max?

In the near future Ableton will release a new Live 10 Beta including an updated version of Max for Live. Once the Live 10 Beta has been thoroughly tested, it will be released in an official, free update.

I already have a standalone Max 7 license from Cycling 74, can I update to Max 8?

If you have a Cycling74 license you can purchase an upgrade to Max 8 immediately through Cycling74. However, the bundled version of Max for Live in Live 10 won’t be updated until after the beta testing phase.

How do I join the Live 10 Beta Program?

Here's how to join the Live 10 Beta. Once you have registered, you'll receive email updates when a Beta version including updated Max for Live support has been released.

I have Live 10 Standard with a Max for Live add-on license, what does this mean for me?

The bundled version of Max for Live is the same as that included with Suite, therefore you can join the Beta program to test the upcoming release, or wait for the official update for Live 10.

Can I use Max 8 with Live 9?

While it’s possible to set Max 8 in Live 9’s preferences, this is not recommended, nor officially supported.

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