Live 10 Beta not useable anymore

Beta versions contain bug fixes and solutions for problems that might occur when using Live 10. If you own Live 10 Standard or Suite, you can download and install Live 10 Beta in order to solve issues that have been fixed since the last full update and have not been yet fully implemented.

Upgrading to Live 10

In case your account only contains a Live 9 license however, please note that you are not eligible to participate in the Live 10 Beta anymore since the full Live 10 version has been released. Once you upgraded to Live 10 Standard or Suite, you can use Live 10 Beta again.

Live 9 license only

It's important to know that the Suite version contains instruments and effects that can't be used in a Standard version. This also applies to certain instruments and effects that are available in Live 10, but not in Live 9.

If you prefer not to upgrade to Live 10, but would like to keep working on the projects you started with Live 10 Beta, you can download and install our Trial version. This allows you to open the projects and use the Freeze and Flatten function on the instruments and effects that are not contained in Live 9 in order to import the resulting audio files into Live 9.

Here is a comparison of the Live versions in Live 10. The new devices in Live 10 are listed on our website

Mails from Centercode

Being part of Live 10 Beta also means that you receive mails each time a new Beta version has been released. This is an essential part of the Beta program in order to always be aware of the latest available version.

If you don't want to upgrade to Live 10 and prefer not receiving these emails anymore, please send us a short message to this link. You will be deleted from the Live 10 Beta project and won't receive mails regarding Beta anymore. At that point, you can then also delete your entire Centercode account if you wish to do so.