Using Collections

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Collections allow an additional level of organization for anything in Live's Browser (files, presets, devices, plug-ins, Sets). You can add up to seven Collections, which are color coded and can be renamed or shown/hidden if required.

Adding an item to Collections

Right click on the item in the Browser, then select one or more of the Collections on the context menu:


You can also drag an item directly into a Collection, or use the corresponding number key, as shown above.

Renaming a color label

Right click on a label or folder name to rename it.


Hiding Collections

Hover to the right of Collections and click the Edit link which appears in order to edit the Collections:Screenshot_Collections_Rename_1.png

Then tick the boxes to make collections visible, or untick to hide them:


Syncing Collections between computers

Live stores Collections tags as metadata information in XMP files. These .xmp files are stored inside the "Ableton Folder Info" subfolder in these places:

Therefore if the User Library is stored to a cloud-synced folder the metadata will sync to all attached computers. Likewise, if the files reside on an external drive, this will automatically import the metadata to any computer which is connected to the external drive. If you transfer only the XMP files you could manually port the metadata.

See our full guide on Cloud Storage Best Practices.

Note: Plug-ins are usually installed to system folders and need to be installed locally on each computer, therefore they may not show up as tagged items on a second computer. It's also not possible to transfer color labels. These have to be renamed accordingly on the other computer.