Issues using USB 3-to-display connectors on macOS Sierra

  • Live Versions: 10
  • Operating System: macOS Sierra

Some USB3-to-HDMI/VGA connectors (adapters or hubs) may cause Live's interface to become unresponsive if:

  • Live is started from the Dock on the monitor connected via the hub, or
  • Live's window is moved to the monitor connected via the hub.

In these cases, Live's title bar may become grayed-out, or completely blank, and Live's interface will stop responding to mouse clicks. Sometimes the interface will become completely white.

However, the Live Set can still be saved, and audio can still be started and stopped with the spacebar. In fact, parameters can still be manipulated, but there will be no visual response from Live.

Moving Live's window back to another monitor will not solve the issue; only a restart of Live will bring back full functionality.

This problem occurs due to a compatibility issue between the drivers for the hub (especially DisplayLink drivers), macOS Sierra, and Live's Core Animation services.


In most cases, this can be fully resolved by updating to macOS High Sierra, as support for these drivers has been improved.

Another solution is to not use the hub and instead connect the monitors to the computer either directly or using a thunderbolt-to-HDMI adapter, which does not have the same issue.