Live 10 Release FAQ

I pre-ordered/received a free upgrade to Live 10, where do I find my serial number and the installers?

Your serial number will be automatically added to your account on release day, February 6th, 2018. Installers will be added throughout the entire day, so if you don't see it right away, check your account again near the end of the day. Once you see the installer you can download and authorize Live 10.

How do I complete my pre-order of Live 10 Suite?

If you chose to pay with a credit card the pre-order amount will automatically be charged on release day, February 6th, 2018.

 If you chose PayPal or wire transfer you will receive an email with a payment link or our bank details so you can complete the order on release day. Any payment links will be active for 14 days. 

What happens if my credit card doesn't go through for my pre-order?

If the automatic charge fails you will receive an email with a payment link. You can then update your credit card information or choose to pay with another method such as PayPal. The payment link will secure your pre-order price for 14 days, afterwards it will expire. 

I purchased Live 9 during your campaign from a third party shop. How do I get my Live 10 license?

As long as you registered your serial number before February 6th, 2018, your license will automatically be upgraded to Live 10 and the updated installer will be accessible in your account.

If you haven’t registered your Live 9 license yet, log in to your Ableton account to enter the serial. Your license will then automatically upgrade to Live 10. 

I purchased Live 10 after the release, where is my serial number and how do I install it?

Your Live 10 serial will be added to your account after your order is complete. You can then download the installer.

I have a Live 9 Standard license with Max for Live, will Max for Live still work if I upgrade to Live 10 Standard?

If you have Live 9 Standard with Max for Live and want to upgrade to Live 10 Standard, your M4L serial will still be compatible with the Live 10 installation once the program is authorized. 

Can I upgrade my Live Lite license to Live 10 Lite?

There isn't an exact release date for Lite 10 yet but it will be ready after Fall 2018. As soon as it's available, we will update our Live Lite product page

Live 10 tech specs

For all of the new Live 10 features and system compatibility details, read our Live 10 Technical FAQ


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