Extracting a Tempo Map from Live

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All

Live does not support the export of tempo maps to other DAWs. However, if the other DAW can create a tempo map from an audio file you can use that:

  1. Create a MIDI track and add a Drum Rack containing a single percussive element with a very short attack time, such as a rimshot or a hi-hat.
  2. Create an empty MIDI clip and put one note on each quarter note.
  3. Grab the MIDI clip on the right edge and extend it to the very end of the song, through all sections that include tempo changes.
  4. Export the MIDI clip as an audio file.
  5. Import the audio file to the other DAW. By using the option to create a tempo map from an audio file, your project in Logic, Pro Tools, or any other program will follow the BPM changes.

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