Editing Fades in Live 10

  • Live Versions: 10
  • Operating System: All

Make sure to turn off Automation Mode in Live 10 in order to view and edit Fades. Fades are not visible when Automation Mode is active.

To toggle Automation Mode, use either the "A" key of the computer keyboard or use the Automation Toggle Button:


If the "A" key isn't working to toggle Automation Mode, double-check that the Computer MIDI keyboard is not enabled. When it is enabled, the "A" key has a different function.


Adjacent audio clips in the Arrangement View will get crossfades of 4 ms automatically. These can then be edited like manually created crossfades.

Volume Fades

Additionally, at the beginning and the end of audio clips, Fades can be used as adjustable volume fades.


Further Reading

Adjustable Fades are not to be confused with the Create Fades on Clip Edges preference setting.