Editing Fades in Live 10

  • Live Versions: 10
  • Operating System: All

1. Use the Automation mode toggle to turn Automation mode off. This allows you to freely work with fades in content mode.


2. Fade handles will appear when hovering over the ends of an audio clip. Drag a fade handle to adjust the length of the fade.


3. Adjust the fade curve handle to change the slope of the fade.


4. If Automation mode is active, press and hold the "F" key to temporarily access and edit clip fades.

5. It's also possible to create and reset fades in Automation Mode by selecting the beginning or end of a clip, right click then choose "Create Fade-in" or "Create Fade-out" respectively from the context menu. 


6. The keyboard shortcut for resetting fades is "CMD+ALT+Delete" (Mac) / "CTRL+ALT+Backspace" (Windows).


Adjacent or overlapping audio clips in the Arrangement View have crossfades of 4ms by default. These can be edited like manually created crossfades.


Further Reading

Adjustable Fades are not to be confused with the Create Fades on Clip Edges preference setting.