Max for Live in Live 10

  • Live Versions: 10
  • Operating System: All

With Live 10, Max for Live is now integrated into the program. This means there is no need to install Max separately, and also entails a few other changes:

  • Max always starts when Live 10 starts.
  • There is no longer a Max Application chooser panel in Live's preferences.
  • Max for Live content has been updated and changed; however, to ensure backwards compatibility, some older versions of Max for Live devices are included side by side with new versions, which may lead to duplicates of devices in Live's browser.

Max for Live with Live Standard

Max for Live is included with Live 10 Suite, but can be purchased as an add-on for Live 10 Standard as well. If you upgraded from Live 9 Standard to Live 10 Standard and already own a license for Max for Live, or have purchased Max for Live as an addition to your Live 10 Standard license, you can activate your license of Max for Live by going to Live's Preference's > Licenses/Maintenance tab and clicking "Authorize at". You will then be able to use Max for Live devices and instruments in Live.

At this point you could even uninstall Max 7, as Live 10 will use the bundled version of Max instead.

Max 8 license owners

If you already own a Max 8 license, Max for Live is available for a discounted price. Please refer to the Ableton webshop for further details. 

Live 10 already comes with a bundled version of Max 8. However, this version is an earlier version of Max 8. In the near future Ableton will release a new Live 10 Beta including an updated version of Max for Live. Once the Live 10 Beta has been thoroughly tested, it will be released in an official, free update. Here's how to join the Live 10 Beta. Once you have registered, you'll receive email updates when a Beta version including updated Max for Live support has been released.

Max 7 license owners

If you already own a Max 7 license, Max for Live is available for a discounted price. Please refer to the Ableton webshop for further details. 

Your Max 7 packages will be imported so that you can use Max 7 features inside of Live. Please note a Max for Live license is required for the use of Max for Live in Live.

Sysex Support

Max for Live devices can now send and receive SysEx, allowing deeper access to synthesizers —including full preset backup dumps, parameter control and more. 

Editing gen patchers in Live 10

It's not possible at the moment to edit gen patchers in Live 10, but this will be enabled at a later point, provided you have a standalone Max license.

ReWire slave mode

Please note that Max for Live does not work when Live is in ReWire slave mode.

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