Push 1 & 2: New Features in Live 9.7

  • Live Versions: 9.7
  • Operating System: All

Live 9.7 brings many new features to Push, making it even more exciting and easy to use for music creation. The new features include:


New Slicing Modes (Available in Push 1 and Push 2)

This is a Simpler feature exclusive to Slicing mode, also accessible to non-Push users. 

Once Simpler is set to Slicing, slicing is done by transients (this was the default mode since Live 9.5). The newly introduced  “Slice by” parameter allows changing the Slicing to Beats, Region, or Manual.


The Sample is sliced in grid based regions. The “Division” parameter determines the grid resolution for the Slices (¼, ⅛ etc..). These slicing points can also be nudged or deleted as desired.


The sample is sliced of an amount of identical regions. The “Regions” parameter lets you specify the amount of the regions.


This feature was previously enabled via the “pad slicing” encoder, and now it is a dedicated Slicing mode.
Pressing an empty pad while playing back the sample creates a Slice point at the current playback position.

Note: as a consequence of the new Simpler features, Live Sets created with or saved in Live 9.7 cannot be opened with previous versions.


Setting Monitoring and Routing from Push (Available in Push 2 only)

In Track Mix mode, a button now allows entering and changing the Monitoring / Routing section for individual tracks. This mode is reached by first pressing the Mix button, then pressing the button above "Inputs & Outputs".

  • The first encoder sets the Monitoring status of the track.
  • The second encoder chooses between Input / Output monitoring.
  • The third encoder is used to select the source / destination channel
  • The other encoders are used to choose between the available chains. Small meters display signal activity as it also happens in Live.


Set Track / Clip / Drum Pad colour with Push (Available in Push 2 only)

To change a Track / Clip / Drum Pad colour from Push, hold shift and press the respective button / pad.  The pad matrix at that point displays the available colours. While Shift is still held, press a pad to assign a color.


  • This is particularly useful for Drum Racks, in order to distinguish the individual samples or sounds via colour-coding.
  • Steps in the sequencer inherit the pad colour, as do velocity levels.
  • This feature does not allow colouring Slices in Simpler, nor do the Drum Rack pads in Live reflect the color shown on Push (it is actually the Chains that get coloured in Live).
  • Note: previously, when "Mute" was locked, the "Shift" key was used to select a track without muting/unmuting it.  Due to the implementation of the new Set Color feature, it is now necessary to use the "Select" key to select a track without muting/unmuting it.


Improved Pad Response (Available in Push 2 only)

Live 9.7 delivers a firmware update which does a number of things:

  • Improves Encoder behavior to help prevent jitter.
  • Prevents double triggering of buttons.
  • Most importantly, delivers a new pad sensitivity algorithm.

Previously, erratic high velocities would be triggered when playing with wrist pressure (as piano players do). As of Live 9.7, the algorithm prevents this and improves the way pads respond when playing chords or in a legato style. Playing drums or staccato mode is not influenced by this change.


New visual feedback (Available in Push 2 only)

Clip phase

When a Clip is playing back, the Push display indicates the playing phase via a one-pixel progress bar under the respective track header. The aim of this is to help you start you recording at the beginning of the bar.

Count-in phase

When Count-in is active, a progress bar is displayed at the top of the Push display. This will help you to start your recording at the correct spot.


16 Velocity Levels (Available in Push 1 and Push 2)

When controlling a Drum Rack or a Sliced Simpler, a third layout is available, which can be accessed via the ‘Layout’ button.

The bottom-right part of the pad matrix now can be used to trigger the currently selected drum pad / slice with different velocities. The intensity of this section’s pad color indicates the amount of velocity: darker pads have a lower velocity, brighter have a higher velocity.   

Besides being able to play the pads in real time, they are also useful in the step sequencer.

  • Selecting a velocity level sets the default velocity for the steps added to the sequencer.
  • It is possible to hold a step in the sequencer and hitting a velocity level to change the velocity of the step.


Arrangement Recording (Available in Push 1 and Push 2)

The Push Record button now takes into account Live’s focus on Arrangement and Session View. If the focus is on Arrangement View, the Session Record button will trigger Global Recording, while the Shift + Record button will trigger / stop Session Recording. The logic is reversed when focused on Session View.

Session Record and Arrangement Record are also now independent from each other.


Live 9.7 is available now from your Ableton user account.