Ableton Link: What it is and how it can be used

Link is a new technology that synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications running on one or more devices. Applications on devices connected to a local network discover each other automatically and form a musical session in which each participant can perform independently: anyone can start or stop while still staying in time. Anyone can change the tempo, the others will follow. Anyone can join or leave without disrupting the session.

Find out more about Link on our Ableton Link page and our Link FAQ.

Link is available in Live, as well as many third-party iOS and desktop apps.  Check out our list of Link-enabled apps.

Find out how to set up Link in Live and iOS apps.

Find out how to use Link with Propellerheads Reason, Serato DJ, and Max.

If you are a developer who wishes to incorporate Link into your iOS or desktop app, visit our Ableton Link GitHub page.

Having troubles using Link with Live?  Check out our Link Troubleshooting page.