Configuring the inputs and outputs of an Audio Interface

  • Live Versions: All
  • Operating System: All 

Open Live's Preferences --> Audio and select the Driver Type.

On Mac this is Core Audio. On Windows we recommend ASIO - you can use ASIO4ALL if your interface does not have a native ASIO driver.

Here's the Audio Device panel on Mac. You can choose separate devices for both input and output, or you can choose to deactivate one of them (set to "No Device"):


On Windows there is no option to choose individual Input and Output devices. You can only activate one device at a time. If your interface has a native ASIO driver, select this (eg. Focusrite ASIO Driver). If using ASIO4ALL instead, then select ASIO4ALL v2:


Then click on the Input Config and Output Config buttons to activate or deactivate the inputs or outputs of your interface respectively. These can be renamed as required (Live 10 only):


All enabled inputs and outputs will then show up in the Audio To/Audio From chooser of a Track in your Live Set. Find out more about routing and I/O in the Live manual.

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