Using Link and Propellerhead Reason

  • Live Versions: 9.6 and above
  • Operating System: All

Propellerhead have now included Link from versions 9.1 and up. Now, both programs can be easily synced so that they both play in the same tempo.

Setting up Reason for use with Link

Please note that on Windows machines, Link requires that you use ASIO audio drivers. Non-ASIO drivers are not supported. Also, be sure you have the latest versions of both Live and Reason.

To use Live and Reason together on the same computer, you must first open Reason, then Live. If you open Live first, then Reason, Reason will open as a ReWire Device, and Link will not be available.

After opening both programs, turn on Link in Reason:


Show the Link toggle in Live:

Then turn Link on:


It is of course possible to run Live and Reason on separate computers and sync them via Link.

Having trouble connecting multiple computers?  Check our troubleshooting page for help.

Link and ReWire

Link and ReWire cannot be used in conjunction. In order to ensure that Live and Reason can be synced via Link on the same computer, Reason must be started first, Live second. When Live is started, the following error message will appear:

This is to inform you that Reason will not be available as a ReWire Device.

If you wish to use ReWire instead of Link, open Live first, then Reason. Reason will then automatically start as ReWire Device, and Link will not be available, as tempo sync then occurs via ReWire.